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John Howard

Three tips to help get your employees working from home in 2018

While not all jobs can be done from home, advances in technology have made this more viable than ever before. Video conferencing, real-time shared document editing, and high-speed internet mean that c...

21 Dec 2017
Unified Communications in Financial Services
André Stoorvogel

2018 trends: Safer data, faster payments, better experiences

Fundamental shifts in consumer behavior, the emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means the payments ecosystem is poised for unprecedented transformation in 2018. The dem...

19 Dec 2017
John Howard

Flexible working will be a priority for financial services firms in 2018

Flexible working practices have been talked about for the past decade, but for many firms and employees, policies are finally becoming a reality. 2018 is going to be a turbulent year for the financi

14 Dec 2017
Unified Communications in Financial Services
James Stickland

Biometrics for the Unbanked

The number of mobile phone users in the world is likely to surpass 5 billion within the next year. As this number grows, it’s no wonder why most banks have their own mobile app or at least a way for ...

08 Dec 2017
Sudhesh Giriyan

Mobile money holds the key to financial inclusion

Following the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, which recently skyrocketed in value past $11,000, it’s clear that advancements in the fintech industry are changing the monetary landscape as we know it. Whethe...

05 Dec 2017
Financial Inclusion
Ketharaman Swaminathan

A Killer Feature For PFM On The Eve Of PSD2

Personal Finance Managers and Mobile Money Management Apps (herewith “PFM”) have been around for over a decade. So far, PFM has focused on budgeting by offering tips to save money on everyday expenses...

04 Dec 2017
Retired Member

Building Connections: The Future of Customer Service

Following my previous blog – looking at the ubiquity of the multichannel approach to customer service – we now turn our focus to the industry’s next steps: omnichannel and multimodality. If multichann...

29 Nov 2017
Jeremy Gumbley

PIN-on-Mobile is coming

Imagine taking a regular smartphone and turning it into a payment acceptance device with a simple app download. That’s the utopian dream many companies are chasing today and it could bring huge benefi...

29 Nov 2017
Yuval Ziv

What happens after clicking the 'Buy' button? 6 Best practices to increase conversion at checkout

e-commerce retailers spend a lot of time and money on marketing and advertising to their customers, enticing them to browse and buy. On an ecommerce site, algorithms often reveal recommended products ...

23 Nov 2017
UK Faster Payments
Retired Member

Search to Social Media Trends - Banking & Financial Services

In the face of changing times, Banking and Financial companies might encounter some rough patches in the near term– largely owning to the fact that customer expectations are at all-time high, un-sure ...

22 Nov 2017
Futuristic Banking
Bo Harald

Make it possible, make it mandatory and then move to the next

Take structured e-invoicing (PDFs are pictures - worse than paper). Steps: 1. Go for a four courner model and choose a standard for all to use. 2. Convince also banks to join with the basic e-invoicin...

21 Nov 2017
Digital Banking Trends
Retired Member

Shifting sands: Highlights from Mobey Day 2017

We are approaching the most critical juncture in the history of modern banking. The impact of regulation, in concert with the increasing deployment of transformative technologies, is permanently alter...

21 Nov 2017