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Andrew Stevens

Extinction, or revolution: has the time come for banks to move away from dedicated apps?

Mobile banking applications have become a common resource for customers over the past decade, from checking balances to transferring money between accounts and setting up new payments. The boom in dig...

15 Aug 2019
Online Banking
Sundeep Tengur

Telco Subscription Fraud: A Disappearing Act

Ever wondered how great magicians can trick us into believing things which aren’t quite true? From David Copperfield’s flying illusion to one of Penn & Teller’s card tricks, they all have one thin...

15 Aug 2019
Financial Risk Management
Jesse Champagne

Customer Retention - Are Repeat Customers Important?

Customer retention strategies and loyalty reward programs for existing customers should be a major focus point for businesses. However, only one-third of executives say customer retention is a priorit...

13 Aug 2019
Paul Marcantonio

5 Considerations for Choosing a Payment Services Provider

My colleague recently published a piece on selecting a payment gateway and it got me thinking. How do you choose a service - any kind of service - when you're inundated with options? I've decided to u...

12 Aug 2019
Konstantin Rabin

Georgia - a strange place for a good Fintech opportunity

The Republic of Georgia is a small country that can never fully agree whether it is located in Europe or in Asia. It is a young democracy that has only been around for about 30 years and it is a growi...

30 Jul 2019
Jalpa Shah

How Should Banks Approach Their Digital Banking Journey?

Much has been written over the last several years about the importance of banks transitioning their business to a digitally enabled bank. A recent report by Forrester on The State of Digital Banking T...

24 Jul 2019
Jennifer Worley

Faster Payments: A Win-Win for Businesses, Consumers

From social media and ridesharing to Amazon Prime, we know that today’s culture is increasingly “on-demand." This culture has conveniences many of us enjoy, including the ability to immediately ...

22 Jul 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Thomas Pintelon

Why lending against your investments is perfectly compatible with daily banking and PFM & BFM

Today’s bank customers want a fluent, end-to-end experience. Unfortunately most online and mobile banking platforms are still very silo organised, with typically modules for Daily Banking, Investments...

18 Jul 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Jesse Champagne

What Are Consumers Looking For With Digital Wallets?

In my last post, I brought you the cold, hard facts and explained why digital wallets are the future of payments. Now, I'll show you what customers are looking for with digital wallets. People want...

16 Jul 2019
Jalpa Shah

Capturing The Millennial Market With Mobile Banking

For some segments of the population, mobile banking technology may still seem like a recent innovation. For younger generations, however – people considered “digital natives”, this generation has lit...

09 Jul 2019
Millennial Banking
Paul Marcantonio

How to Maximise Seasonal Highs with Travel Payment Technologies

At the beginning of July, we’re right in the thick of what travel agencies and tour operators across the northern hemisphere know as the summer high season. The confluence of warmer weather, brighter ...

03 Jul 2019
Micah Willbrand

How machine learning can support responsible gambling

Online and mobile gaming operators are working in a market which is changing at a rapid pace. With the growth of new immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, this rapid change of ...

26 Jun 2019