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Paul Shumsky

Advancing Mobile Banking Security With GPS

Mobile-based fintech solutions are becoming the first port of call for many financial services, as people embrace the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and speed of mobile payments. Milennials and Gen-Ze...

18 Feb 2020
Lewis Hughes

QSRs, Mobile and Customer Rewards: The Threesome That’s Redefining Loyalty

Part One: The history — and importance — of customer loyalty Megacity, small city, town or edge-of-town, few of us can step out of our own front door these days and walk but a short few steps before e...

18 Feb 2020
Joshua Frith

Finance content marketing trends to watch in 2020

2019 brought us the rise of podcasts, micro-influencers and personalisation. In 2020, they’re here to stay — and several new finance content marketing trends will join them. Many are global, but some...

10 Feb 2020
Marketing in Financial Services
Chris Principe


CRYPTO or GOLD It’s the start of a new year and a new decade! I am feeling great because I am back in my twenties again! As I recall my twenties and early banking career, I realize how my thinking has...

09 Feb 2020
Andrew Beatty

Top Tech for Mobile Banking? GPS.

We've all been there – wherever there is. Those times we find ourselves away from home, on a business trip, or vacation, or just lost and too proud to ask for directions. We're somewhere we've never b...

06 Feb 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Abhishek Verma

Internet of things -More there are, more we bank on them

Internet of things – More there are, more we bank on them As the number of connected devices slowly creeps past unnoticed catching up with the number of humans on the planet, we are beginning to rely ...

23 Jan 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Paul Marcantonio

5 Steps to Set Up Online Payments for Your Business

Selling things online can be complicated. There are web shops to design, product descriptions to create, and payment methods to set up. The latter is probably the single most important part of the pro...

13 Jan 2020
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Jalpa Shah

How should banks approach scalability, robustness and security expected by the Omni-Digital Customer

WeChat, Tencent’s super app has been adding 20 million users each quarter. Currently, it has over one billion monthly active users. Similarly, Kakao Bank, one of the first digital-only banks launched...

09 Jan 2020
Ujwal Santuka

The power of Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing marketing is a location based marketing approach in which companies uses GPS, Wif-Fi or cellular data to set-up a programmed system in which when a mobile device enters / exits a virtual b...

03 Jan 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Gabe McGloin

Christmas: a time of joy or transaction disputes?

Christmas is well and truly on it's way, and that can only mean one thing: the e-commerce world is heating up thanks to copious amounts of Christmas shopping. Looking back to 2017, mobile sales accoun...

27 Dec 2019
Scott Cutler

Three’s a crowd: why third-party vendors are both an opportunity and a threat

From social media apps to exercise tracking and online shopping, today consumers are producing data at an unprecedented rate and businesses of every type are under pressure to ensure the safety of tha...

18 Dec 2019
Information Security
Nika Vartanova

Why Fintech Mobile Apps Are Role Models for Any Industry

The appetite for fintech apps is steadily growing. Over the past decade, banking applications have ceased to be an exclusive domain of the young and the tech-savvy and have earned their place in every...

16 Dec 2019