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Przemek Bozek

Who benefits from 5G?

According to a Google search: “5G will support billions of connections” and “5G will have a tremendous effect on economy” and “5G solves problems we haven’t yet encountered”. In isolation, it almost s...

06 Apr 2020
5G Payments Schemes and Strategies 2020 - 2035
Dane Thacker

Trader Voice Goes Domestic! Big firms fluster while others move quickly

As restrictions on working from anywhere but home tighten trading operations are moving at different operational speeds with varying degrees of success. It was a very quick transition from office, to...

02 Apr 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Matthew Ruoss

The billion-dollar oversight investment managers make every year

Every year, hundreds of Scrip dividends are issued by companies. Managers must make a relatively straightforward decision: take a cash dividend or take additional shares. It’s the duty of the manager ...

31 Mar 2020
Post-Trade Forum
Anton Shmerkin

Visions At the Gates of Pandemonium: Covid-19, Market Woes, FDR, Eloi, and Crumbling World Order

Are you still worrying whether or not we’re headed for a recession? Don’t. We’re there, and the long-term effects of this one are going to be seismic in scale. Your choices are to stop reading and go ...

27 Mar 2020
Bigger than Technology
Chris Holmes

Health check: what the current COVID-19 pandemic means for the global FinTech industry

The current pandemic sweeping through most of the world has wreaked havoc in most areas of the economy as well as our personal lives. As schools and businesses gradually shut down, governments plead f...

27 Mar 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Przemek Bozek

Valuing companies amidst a space race

According to various sources, total funding for space companies reached close to US$6 billion in 2019, raking in hundreds of millions from VC funds over the years. Once considered to be costly and red...

11 Mar 2020
Private Equity Investing in Financial Technology
Chris Principe

Deposit Cash, Get Arrested

Deposit Cash, Get Arrested! Banking has evolved more in the last few years than in the last few decades. The main reason is technology closely followed by regulation. The famous statement that “Cash...

10 Mar 2020
Bigger than Technology
Dane Thacker

The impact of COVID-19 on voice trading continuity

It’s arrived in Europe and and now proliferating in Britain. As the true impact of the Covid-19 virus on the global economy continues to unfold, the financial markets have already taken a big hit, as ...

07 Mar 2020
Mary Defilippe

Coronavirus Infects Commodity Markets

Nothing demonstrates the volatility of commodity markets better than the title of this blog. In just a few days, the virus went from a serious problem in China to a global health emergency impacting m...

27 Feb 2020
Business Knowledge for IT
Sheza Gary

Hedging Against Downside Risk with BTC

Many analysts are of the opinion that there is merit in using Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe-haven contrarian investment for hedging purposes. A caveat is in order: "Volatility plays a major role and th...

26 Feb 2020
Cryptocurrency Insights
Chris Holmes

Financial infrastructure: the FinTech way

Financial infrastructure plays a critical role in a country’s economic development and stability. It determines how efficiently financial services can be provided. A high-quality infrastructure lends ...

24 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Peter Davidson

Increased Volatility in Financial Markets as COVID-19 Surges

Source: CBOE VIX Options Stock markets, futures markets, and general business sentiment have taken a pounding since the devastating coronavirus outbreak, more recently renamed COVID-19. After a semi

18 Feb 2020
Financial Transformation