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Amy T

How Technology Needs Will Differ For Different Businesses

If you own a business, you will likely have computer systems that are helping you manage all your daily operations. Some of the programs are specifically designed to handle accounting related issues, ...

25 Dec 2018
Business Knowledge for IT
Souvik Das

Using 'nudge' to boost bank loyalty campaigns

Can we leverage behavioral nudge in designing loyalty campaigns in banks? As a known fact, retaining existing customers cost almost a fifth of acquiring new ones. Quite evidently, banks are always ver...

24 Dec 2018
Richard Miller

Christmas Books: For the Entrepreneur in your life

For most people starting their own business is pretty daunting. Luckily bookstores are awash with books to guide, advise and stop you making mistakes along the way. In some ways there is too much choi...

24 Dec 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Bo Harald

Is all data MyData?

All data is somebody's data. Not really owned - but somebody is having the often exclusive right to use it. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes the right to alter and delete it, sometimes n...

21 Dec 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Antonio Ferre

Agile and Functional Size: The Perfect Complement to Provide Strategic Value

The software industry is associated with the most innovative techniques and technologies, but at the end it is an artisan art activity. Bill Gates once said, “Software is a great combination between

19 Dec 2018
Standards Forum
Christian Ball

Open banking: an opportunity to develop an entirely new market for financial products

Open banking represents the biggest banking transformation in a generation. Regulatory initiatives, such as ‘PSD2 and Open Banking’ from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) empower custom...

19 Dec 2018
Shailendra Malik

Personality driven Project Management

Project management as a discipline has undergone a tectonic shift of implementation styles. It is one of the primary disciplines that acknowledges and put in place robust structures in place to assess...

19 Dec 2018
Retired Member

What does 2019 look like for the retail banking sector?

It’s been an exciting year in the banking sector. Last week’s announcement that challenger bank Revolut has been granted a European Banking License proves that digital-first banks are no longer just t...

19 Dec 2018
Souvik Das

Using 'nudge' to boost bank acquisition campaign

Can simple but effective “nudge” theory based behavioral targeting drive higher acquisition for banks? Banks regularly struggle to achieve higher marketing efficiency in a complex and volatile busines...

19 Dec 2018
Ivy Schmerken

Alt Data: A Work in Progress

Banks and investment firms have increased their consumption of alternative data sets, but there are still challenges around selecting the most relevant data for trading purposes, according to panelist...

18 Dec 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Matthew Key

What to expect from retail banking in 2019

As the new year approaches, the time has come to reflect on the developments that shaped the retail banking landscape in 2018 and look ahead to the next twelve months. A year ago, I predicted that in ...

17 Dec 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Matt Gunnell


The management of corporate actions is an old problem. It is, however, still a major challenge and an area of significant risk for many wealth managers who have not invested in automation. Historical

17 Dec 2018
Innovation in Financial Services