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Steve Morgan

The Impact of Digital-Only Banks on the Traditional Banking Industry

Digital banking has boomed over the last few years, yet cross-selling and switching has not substantially shifted. According to PWC, less than “10% of UK customers with mortgages, personal loans or in...

22 Jul 2022
Innovation in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

Helicopter money 2.0

With the Covid crisis (nearly) behind us, there has been a strong focus by governments worldwide on stimulating consumption in order to revive the economy as quickly as possible. This is needed in ord...

18 Jul 2022
Bigger than Technology
Terry Monteith

Making the fintech industry more inclusive

The representation of women within the fintech industry has always been inequitable. And although some positive strides have been taken in recent years to bridge the gender gap, there is still a way t...

06 Jul 2022
Women in FinTech
Caris Jackson

The Lessons We Need To Be Teaching Our Children: Finances

School is a vital part of a child’s secondary socialisation, children are able to learn societal values, beliefs and attitudes outside of the family structure. They are taught about expectations of th...

06 Jul 2022
Financial Literacy for Kids
Mindaugas Mikalajūnas

It isn’t AI that’s biassed — it’s banks and VCs

AI has been getting a bad rap when it comes to possible bias. Amazon’s AI recruiting engine, ironically developed to eliminate possible human prejudice, appeared to be biassed against women. It downgr...

05 Jul 2022
Small Business Lending Innovation
Joe Torres

Every Company is now a Fintech Company

INNOVATION Innovation through technology is a natural process in any industry. It is part of humanity to find better ways to do anything, we have observed it and documented it for as long as we can re...

02 Jul 2022
Banking and Lending Solutions
Chris Lewis

Why ‘Identify Profiles’ will help de-risk inclusive customer on-boarding

Identity verification. Two small words that can throw up some big barriers. Justifiably so, given that the purpose of checking ID is to make sure that the right people get access to the right things. ...

29 Jun 2022
Digital Identity Management
Jakob Rost

An open finance model for the world

Open finance has gained an unstoppable momentum. From its beginnings in Europe, open finance has spread rapidly to the Americas, Australia, India, and my own company’s home market of Indonesia - among...

17 Jun 2022
Open Banking
Shabnam Wazed

Scoring an open goal – how lenders can evolve their models and consumers can create credit histories

By Shabnam Wazed, Founder and CEO of AGAM International Banks and lenders have historically focused extensively on a borrower’s current financial information when evaluating their likelihood of repayi...

15 Jun 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Brad Goodall

As ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ starts to impact credit scores, financial literacy is a must-have

When securing large loans for a big purchase like a home or a car, a good credit score is essential for securing the best interest rates. Those with the highest credit scores can generally lock in the...

13 Jun 2022
Personal Finance
David Ritter

Why digitisation is a game-changer for financial inclusion

One customer segment that has been historically neglected by the financial services sector is the so-called “unbanked” and “underbanked”. The unbanked are people who don’t use any banking services, in...

10 Jun 2022
Financial Inclusion
Ralph Rogge

Top tips to drive financial inclusion and better cash management for SMEs

Cash is king! Cash is more valuable than profit, revenue, stock or receivables, and remains critical for any businesses. It's an unavoidable necessity to pay for staff and suppliers and provides you w...

10 Jun 2022

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