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Pooja K

Venture Capital vs Private Funding

If you're currently seeking to raise capital for your business, it's worth knowing the difference between venture capital and private funding. Both are valid methods to help finance companies. The t...

16 Aug 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Pooja K

BND Capital: The case for discretionary investment management

Most individuals aim to invest a reasonable amount of their assets for the future, in a way that ensures adequate growth and capital preservation. But investing can be very hard and many struggle to f...

15 Aug 2019
Financial Inclusion
Amy T

Why You Must Always Work with Licensed Lenders

The lending market is quite diverse, especially on the personal side. There are tons of options available to anyone in need of a loan, regardless of the sum and other factors. And as with many other t...

08 Aug 2019
Financial Inclusion
Sudhesh Giriyan

How consumer behaviour shapes trends within the remittance industry

Customer experience is fundamental to the payments industry and when it comes to the remittance industry, most senders and receivers attach an emotional quotient to the transfer of funds. Unlike payme...

04 Aug 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Konstantin Rabin

Georgia - a strange place for a good Fintech opportunity

The Republic of Georgia is a small country that can never fully agree whether it is located in Europe or in Asia. It is a young democracy that has only been around for about 30 years and it is a growi...

30 Jul 2019
Jamie Barclay

Dearth in access to UK financial services intensifies

The digital current account provider Pockit has offered some telling new insight into the access to financial services debate by comparing the rate of bank branch closures with deprivation rates in En...

26 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion
Ujwal Santuka

BFSI focused customer segmentation

Customer Segmentation is being increasingly recognized by leading marketers to be a vital component of the financial marketing landscape. Every Financial Services brand has its own unique marketing ob...

25 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Arunachalam N

Need for Challenger Banks!!

Retail Banks across the globe face enormous cost for maintenances of bank branches, employees, Maintenances of ATM’s and kiosks and Service outlets to service their customers. As competition increases...

22 Jul 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Graham Seel

Can Savings Group to Bank Linkage Really Work? A Tale of Two Banks

There has been plenty of discussion in recent years about the effectiveness of linking informal Savings Groups with formal Financial Service Providers. Some people will tell you that they are very eff...

16 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion
Ujwal Santuka

DMP vs CDP in the Financial Services Sector

The Financial Services sector has undergone a radical digital transformation in recent times. This change can be attributed to the popularity of services such as digital banking, online trading, and o...

05 Jul 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Konstantin Rabin

The African opportunity for the Fintech industry

The African houses more than a billion people today, and yet the entirety of the continent seems to suffer from the state of being ignored. The continent, while currently underdeveloped and in parts s...

05 Jul 2019
Sudhesh Giriyan

A fresh insight into the value of remittances

Remittance flows have increased significantly in recent decades as more people have moved overseas for work and are sending money home to support their families. International money transfers are a li...

01 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion