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Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain in Procurement

Request for Proposal, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Advanced Shipping Notice, Bill of Lading. In blockchain a simple token is enough.

27 Dec 2018
Blockchain Observations
Ivy Schmerken

Alt Data: A Work in Progress

Banks and investment firms have increased their consumption of alternative data sets, but there are still challenges around selecting the most relevant data for trading purposes, according to panelist...

18 Dec 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Peter Davidson

Cryptocurrency Markets Are in the Red - Does That Mean It’s Time to Get In?

Most investors have likely heard this sentiment from Warren Buffett at some point, but, as with most things, it’s often far easier said than done. The cryptocurrency markets have been taking a steep d...

14 Dec 2018
Personal Finance
Anne Plested

Setting a good example

Meanwhile in another part of Europe, time is running out for Swiss equivalence. The one year period previously granted in December 2017 is set to expire on 31st December. Switzerland needs equivalent ...

03 Dec 2018
Ivy Schmerken

CAT is out of the Bag

Despite a one-year delay and other missed deadlines, the order-tracking system known as the Consolidated Audit Trail is back on track as exchanges were due to begin reporting required equities and opt...

03 Dec 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Darren Bishop

Content is king, the venue is all a matter of choice

A famous sportsman and music lover once said, “If you are a serious boxer, fight at the Royal Albert Hall. If you are a footballer, play at Wembley. If a DJ, mix at the Ministry of Sound.” Until recen...

03 Dec 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Marc Gratacos

Reflections on FIX Trading France 2018

The FIX Trading Community’s second annual France Trading Briefing, held in Paris on November 22, picked up the baton and ran with a number of themes already touched on at its September Nordics briefin...

03 Dec 2018
Simon Barnby

Tokenised Assets: The Next Evolution in Capital Markets

The capital markets structure of today is firmly rooted in modus operandi that have existed for decades. Although technology has transformed how firms actually trade financial markets and manage their...

29 Nov 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Patrick Chambeau

Are you in the driver’s seat? How innovative drivers can inspire traders

There are many synergies with the Formula-E concept and the financial markets. Both operate in a fast-moving market and parallels can be drawn between between drivers and traders; both are in some way...

28 Nov 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

It is about time

Last Friday, ESMA finally published its long anticipated call for evidence on periodic auctions. Periodic auctions became popular in 2017 and even more so through 2018 and so they are often linked to...

14 Nov 2018
Ivy Schmerken

Big Data: Getting Granular with ESG Factors

With the growth in sustainable investing, there’s been a surge in data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors over the past few years. Demand for ESG data is rising as asset managers lo...

05 Nov 2018
Hedge Fund Technology
Neil Crammond


Recent studies of several exchanges contracts suggest market abuse and manipulation is still in operation . Exchanges have always needed market makers to provide liquidity and volume especially with n...

01 Nov 2018