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Ivy Schmerken

Buy Side Backs BlockTrading Venues

Buy side firms have shown signs of impatience with U.S. equity market structure. While they are leery of radical reforms, institutions have seeded a number of trading venues lately. The topic of buy s...

14 Dec 2015
Neil Crammond


PARIS EURONEXT & VIRTU FINANCIAL FINED $5 MILLION EACH ! Finally after countless complaints over numerous years a regulator ha finally punished an exchange for failing to provide fair and or...

09 Dec 2015
Ivy Schmerken

Equity Market Structure: The Buy-Side View

Buy side traders debating the pros and cons of the U.S. equity market structure recently gave high marks to the computerized stock trading landscape, though it didn’t take long for concerns to surface...

03 Dec 2015
Steve Grob

The train on platform MiFID 2 is delayed by one year

Not surprising to see that it now looks odds-on that we’ll get a full one year delay on the implementation of MiFID 2. This will embarrass the politicians who don’t want to be seen as going soft on th...

25 Nov 2015
Ivy Schmerken

Swap Execution Facilities: What's Next?

The US ecosystem for swap execution facilities continues to evolve, but not as rapidly as regulators and lawmakers anticipated. Despite the shift to electronic trading, some observers question if swap...

19 Nov 2015
Steve Grob

Can’t see the wood for the regulatory trees?

When you are immersed in an industry it’s sometimes difficult to see how it’s really changing. Global financial markets are a good example of this as the populist headlines can easily miss the subtlet...

19 Nov 2015
Ivy Schmerken

SEF Trading: Challenges and Regulatory Hurdles

The regulatory overhaul of the OTC derivatives market has brought mandatory clearing and electronic trading to standardized swaps, but many say the market structure is stuck, citing regulatory ambigui...

10 Nov 2015
Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II: The Buy Side Transparency Challenge

MiFID II is going to boost transparency in financial markets and improve and broaden best execution standards for the buy side, but not everyone is prepared to handle all the data. Last month, the Eur...

27 Oct 2015
Retired Member

Don’t be fooled by statistics

The definition of algorithmic trading under MiFID II is extremely broad, essentially capturing any functionality that determines any parameter of an order automatically. That begs the question, what o...

23 Oct 2015
Ivy Schmerken

Simplifying Complexity: Trading Complex Order Books in Options - Part 2

Primary Challenges Traders seeking an edge in multi-leg options trades are relying on technology to navigate a complex market structure. One major challenge is that there is no linkage with regards t

21 Oct 2015
Retired Member

Is China Really in Trouble or is it all just Hype?

Analysts agree that the China slowdown is real, but are we seeing the big picture? The World Expected Worse but Chinese Data Didn't Comply Q3 economic growth in China came in at 6.9%. The consensus ...

21 Oct 2015
Retired Member

How will invest firms send transaction reports to ARMs?

The Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) approach used for Transaction Reporting in the UK has been unique across Europe. While MiFID I required investment firms to report equity transactions to regula...

20 Oct 2015