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Retired Member

Truth and Unintended Consequences

So much for “praise in public and reprimand in private.” A teacher publicly reprimanding a student who launches a spitball in class demonstrates to everyone the consequences of certain behavior. Regul...

23 Dec 2011
Steve Grob

What do you want for Xmas? Consolidation or competition?

Despite all the announcements, press briefings and other hullabaloo it looks like the BATS/Chi-X deal is the only one that’s actually going to get done this year. SGX/ASX and LSE/TMX are just two of ...

08 Dec 2011
Retired Member

Want to See the Game Change? Be a Game Changer

Before any pick-up game as a kid -- or now for that matter -- we always set up the rules. The more complex the game, the longer everyone must wait to play. But participants in the capital markets cann...

01 Dec 2011
Steve Grob

And the good news is.....

Feels like it’s a pretty tough time to be in global banking right now. If it’s not falling volumes then it’s layoffs or, worse still, actors like Bill Nighy bleating on about the need for a Robin Ho...

30 Nov 2011
Chris Dutta

Should we blame technology for the current crisis?

“Beware of the geeks bearing formulas” said Warren Buffett. Although aimed at quants and their complex financial models, sometimes I feel this statement is as equally as applicable to members of the I...

28 Nov 2011
Banking Architecture
Gary Wright

Rating Agencies Stampeding Cattle

Since the first signs of the Credit Crunch and the debacle of bad asset valuation in the subprime disaster, the role of Credit Rating Agencies has created deep concern for Governments and Regulators a...

17 Nov 2011
Post-Trade Forum
Steve Grob

Too early to tell?

Even if you’re not directly interested in antipodean fragmentation, Australia will provide a particularly pure data set for what is fast becoming a global phenomenon. This is because (right now at lea...

16 Nov 2011
Retired Member

U.S. Marine Rings in Veterans Day at NYSE

Devil Dogs helped get trading started at the New York Stock Exchange Friday, with a United States Marine ringing the Opening Bell, flanked by fellow Marines and service members from the other branche...

11 Nov 2011
Gary Wright

Will M and A be hit; or is it business as usual?

Last week I attended a breakfast meeting at Cass Business School, a heavyweight panel consisting of Lord Lyndon Harrison, Chairman of the Lords’ Committee For Economic and Financial Affairs and Intern...

09 Nov 2011
Post-Trade Forum
Steve Grob

MiFID II 10 key takeaways that will give you indigestion

Just back from a two week trip around Asia and Australia that took in dark pool seminars in Hong Kong and Singapore and attendance at the FPL conference in Sydney. In my absence, it seems like the Eu...

24 Oct 2011
Gary Wright

Now is the winter of our discontent

This October, it’s 25 years since ‘Big Bang’ and with the current global financial and economic disaster inflicting everyone on the planet and protests against capitalism worldwide, a reflection on th...

20 Oct 2011
Post-Trade Forum
Retired Member

Meeting the Market's Standardized Standards

Big banks lost more ground this week when a report by international regulators found that higher capital requirements would not drastically impair growth. The Bank for International Settlements in Bas...

11 Oct 2011