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Iosif Itkin

Random thoughts about a recent computer glitch that hit TSX

Most financial systems are designed to handle outages in one or another way. However, even if redundancy is incorporated into the system’s architecture it is not uncommon to see that insufficient atte...

22 Dec 2008
Banking Architecture
Elton Cane

Post-mortem of a market closure: When the chips are down

Quite often when an exchange has to close due to technical problems, the detail of what exactly happened is kept hushed up (e.g. LSE TradElect glitch in September). But TMX CEO Thomas Kloet has been ...

19 Dec 2008
Ralph Hazell

It's a proprietary strategy!

"It’s a proprietary strategy, I can’t go into great detail." This was the answer that Mr. Madoff, the former chairman of Nasdaq, gave when asked a few years ago how he was able to give such

15 Dec 2008
Peter J Cooper

Getting Ready For Deflation

My private banker's report came in today, his bank's view is very bearish. Finally coming into line with my feeling for nearly 12 months. Probably the most surprising though is the talk of deflation b...

15 Dec 2008
Finance 2.0
Elton Cane

MiFID created no extra demand for IT or services

At least that's the view of Knowledge Technology Solutions (KTS) CEO Andrew Miller. KTS is soon to adopt the brand of its Sep. '07 acquisition, Arcontech, after closing its original market terminal su...

28 Nov 2008
Peter J Cooper

Fragmentation Index - Congratulations Fidessa

With the introduction of MIFID fragmenting liquidity was inevitable. Keeping a meaningful eye on it in a usable manner however is and will continue to be a challenge. Congratulations to Fidessa for ma...

21 Nov 2008
Innovation in Financial Services
Steve Ellis

Trader shoots himself: trading suspended for 15 minutes

The story of Brazilian trader Paulo Sergio Silva, aged 36, shooting himself in the chest on the floor of the Sao Paolo Commodities & Futures Exchange has been covered by news sources ranging from ...

18 Nov 2008
Retired Member

While the real crisis is building up

Welcome to a new world! Following a phase of brutal consolidation, investment banking will be carried out by a handful of huge commercial banks themselves under direct or indirect control of governmen...

07 Nov 2008
Gary Wright

Risk Management; a whole new ball game

We all thought we knew everything about risk and wow has that assumption been shot to pieces in the credit crunch. Virtually every bank in the world has spent an incalculable amount of money on their ...

29 Oct 2008
Gary Wright

DTCC merger with LCH Clearnet

This news is just what the market needed to hear. One of the hopes for the future is that the finance industry not only recovers from the current crisis but changes its structure fundamentally to prev...

23 Oct 2008
Operational Risk Management
Gary Wright

Can the new trading venues survive?

I was interested to see that Chi-X have announced good profits and this set me thinking about how they will fare in the next year, as all the other new trading venues come in. So far Chi-X has had it ...

22 Oct 2008
Atso Andersen

Telcos facilitate new trading infra

Just wanted to share this wonderful emerging trend amidst these traumatic times. BT announced September 29th to provide managed security services for Euroclear. That includes: security monitoring capa...

14 Oct 2008