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Ivy Schmerken

Exchange Landscape Gearing Up for Expansion in 2020

As a sign of the evolving U.S. equity trading landscape, two startups and one options exchange operator plan to launch as many as three new exchange platforms in 2020, and a fourth could be waiting in...

15 h
Capital Markets Technology
Viktor Kochetov

From infancy to maturity: professionalization of the crypto industry

It took some 200 years for traditional finance to become global and mature. What about crypto, where is it at? The hype wave has settled down, the fog dispersed and now we find ourselves in a trough o...

21 Oct 2019
Blockchain Observations
John Bertrand

Global Trade Finance move to digital

Trade Finance is possibly the last cottage industry in financial services. Trade finance originally started out as a specialist area, often known as the International Department. There are similaritie...

09 Oct 2019
Transaction Banking
Ivy Schmerken

AI: Natural Language Processing and the Battle for Unstructured Data

With digital transformation in full swing, trading desks are inundated with emails, voice calls and chat to process and analyze. Most of this data needs to be captured, tagged and stored for regulator...

09 Sep 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Ivy Schmerken

Algo Wheels Spinning into Futures

Algo wheels have become a popular technology in equities trading, but now there are signs that algo wheels are expanding beyond equities into multiple asset classes such as futures. In equities, the m...

23 Aug 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Amy T

The Growth of the CBD Market: A Race to the Top

America’s going crazy for CBD. The industry is in the midst of an explosion of growth in demand. BDS Analytics forecasts a whopping 49% compound annual growth rate by 2024, by which point the market s...

19 Aug 2019
Charlotte Longman

Market Abuse Regulation three years on: is this still a priority for the regulator?

Charlotte Longman, Senior Principal Consultant, ACA Compliance Group This week marks three years since the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) overhauled the civil market abuse regime across Europe, repeali...

16 Aug 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Anne Plested

Catch 22: The share trading obligation

MiFID II refined the definition of OTC trading for equities, making it more difficult for firms to trade away from recognised trading venues or outside of a systematic internaliser (SI). Introduced in...

15 Aug 2019
Ivy Schmerken

U.S. to Study Effects of MiFID II Research Unbundling

U.S. lawmakers authorized a study focusing on the provision of investment research for small issuers, a sign they are wary of the U.S. adopting the European Union’s MIFID II unbundling rules which hav...

31 Jul 2019
Jordan Feigenbaum

Time and money: ensuring accurate and secure clock synchronisation and time-stamping

Today’s financial markets participants must comply with emerging and existing regulatory requirements that dictate the level of precision and accuracy of time needed for transactions. Timestamping and...

31 Jul 2019
Joris Lochy

Digital Investment Advice - Should Financial Advisors start looking for another job?

1. Introduction Digital Investment Advice Tools (also called IATs, Robo-Advisors, Automated Investment Advisors, Digital Investment Managers or Digital Wealth Management Tools) play an increasingly im...

30 Jul 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II Research Unbundling Spreads Uncertainty to the U.S

Eighteen months after MiFID II rules to unbundle research payments from executions have been in force in Europe, U.S. asset managers are dealing with uncertainty around paying for research and how to ...

15 Jul 2019