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Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II Research Unbundling Spreads Uncertainty to the U.S

Eighteen months after MiFID II rules to unbundle research payments from executions have been in force in Europe, U.S. asset managers are dealing with uncertainty around paying for research and how to ...

15 Jul 2019
Anne Plested

Time runs out on Swiss equivalence

Over the weekend, the stock market equivalence granted to Switzerland by the European Commission expired. The limited-period equivalence, which was given in December 2017 and extended to 30 June 2019,...

02 Jul 2019
Anne Plested

EU financial transaction tax proposal lives on

Back in 2011, the European Commission proposed a common European financial transaction tax (FTT). Despite several postponements and a general lack of support across the EU, a co-operation of member s...

21 Jun 2019
Domile And

Investing: DIY or Trust Others?

Retail investors face long odds in the capital markets against well-informed, sophisticated, and specialised financial institutions. Based on the analysis performed by finance magnates it appears that...

21 Jun 2019
Behavioral Economics in Banking
Ivy Schmerken

Singapore Spurs Development of FX Trading Hub & Ecosystem

With the uptick in Asian currency trading and the growth of electronic trading, Singapore’s regulator is working with the financial industry to build an FX trading hub and expand FX market infrastruct...

17 Jun 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Justin Lyon

Are we hard-wired to herd?

A 2017 report by Investment Technology Group projected that electronic equity execution in the US and Europe would grow to around 57% and 55% respectively in 2019, up from 48% and 50% in 2015. But as ...

17 Jun 2019
Financial Risk Management
Giles Nelson

Assessing the Financial Cost of Poor Data in Banking

The cost of dirty data – data that is inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent – is enormous. Earlier this year, Gartner reported that, on average, poor quality data cost an organisation $15 million in...

13 Jun 2019
Data Management 101
Matt Smith

MIFID II- Moving past the challenges

Since MiFID II was implemented at the start of 2018, financial markets have struggled to adapt to the new and rigorous regulatory requirements. Recently, high profile cases have brought the consequenc...

10 Jun 2019
Financial Services Regulation
Pooja K

Cryptocurrency -- All about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallets

It didn’t take very long at all for Bitcoin to become very popular amongst people, and when did, so many people began to invest in this coin. No matter what type of cryptocurrency you take part in, yo...

07 Jun 2019
Blockchain Observations
Priya Raj

Why FIX Session Testing is so crucial for a Trading Infrastructure

In today’s critical and regulation-based trading scenarios, the best implementation of FIX testing is required to meet regulatory requirements and to create an optimum risk averting environment at the...

06 Jun 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Ivy Schmerken

Buy Side Savviness for Data Analysis Shakes Up Broker Allocations

As asset managers become more data-driven in their analysis of execution quality, they are reallocating order flows among their broker-dealer relationships at a faster pace. That finding provided the ...

05 Jun 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Simon Richards

If a trade needs explaining, it needs recording

When Standard Chartered announced in its end of year results that it will include a $900 million provision for penalties relating to investigations into FX trading issues, trading compliance was once ...

03 Jun 2019
Unified Communications in Financial Services