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Shailendra Malik

Personality driven Project Management

Project management as a discipline has undergone a tectonic shift of implementation styles. It is one of the primary disciplines that acknowledges and put in place robust structures in place to assess...

19 Dec 2018
Ashish Goyal

New Features of Drupal 8 makes it Strong

With regards to CMS or content management system, the Drupal 8 is taking it to more noteworthy statures for the administrators, clients and also designers particularly if there should be an occurrence...

18 Dec 2018
Craig Hughes

What event are you waiting for?

In one of my previous articles, the Hollywood Principle, I introduced the concept of an event-driven architecture. This is a popular distributed asynchronous architecture pattern used to produce hig

14 Dec 2018
Banking Architecture
Harbinder Kang

Five DevOps trends for 2019

DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development and IT operations functions together has brought many benefits in the for...

12 Dec 2018
Banking Architecture
Eli Rosner

The Innovation Game

Banks are facing up to the challenges of the digital age. But legacy systems remain a hindrance to innovation. How are banks addressing this challenge to deliver innovation at the speed that customers...

11 Dec 2018
Open Banking
Craig Hughes

Nouns and Verbs in the world of APIs

Please note that this is a little more technical than my previous articles – sometimes I need to let my inner-geek out. Simply because RESTful APIs are based on resources and use the HTTP verbs (GET...

07 Dec 2018
Craig Hughes

Turkey Talk and APIs

A good friend of mine was out walking his dog in the countryside the other day. After a while, his dog noticed some turkeys in the adjacent field, and being a dog, decided to investigate. This involv

30 Nov 2018
Ashish Goyal

AngularJS or ReactJs: Which one to choose?

ReactJS and AngularJS have been the most grounded contenders in the domain of the JavaScript framework. Regularly designers continue battling among the frameworks to build up an adaptable arrangement....

26 Nov 2018
Craig Hughes

APIs and the Abstraction of Cars

In 2010, for the first time in history, we registered over a billion passenger cars on our roads, globally. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be 2.5 billion cars on our roads! Clearly, cars ar

09 Nov 2018
Anthony Walton

Launching products is becoming more painful for banks

All banks find launching new products and making changes to their operating systems to be a painful process. As new technology is layered onto the old, the process of testing and launching is only goi...

05 Nov 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Craig Hughes

API Security: Who has the right key?

Everyone has at least one set of keys; don’t they? You can recognize your keys and you make sure you take them wherever you go. Look at each key on your keyring and you know which door or cabinet it

01 Nov 2018
Tayloe Draughon

The Market Data Fire Swamp

Market Data in the trading industry reminds me of the Fire Swamp in the movie “The Princess Bride” (1987). Do you remember the Fire Swamp? It was characterized by three primary dangers - The Creatures...

26 Oct 2018