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Denis Novikov

Connected Finances. Part 3: Getting More Personal and Invisible

In the years to come, we may surely expect a lot of new improvements, and many of them will appear thanks to the Internet of Things. This technology is not only a hype nowadays but also a must if you

31 Dec 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Brian Costello

Creating a rich financial future for all

A US financial regulator opened an investigation last month into claims that Apple's credit card offered different credit limits for men and women. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple tweeted tha...

10 Dec 2019
Banking Regulations
Denis Novikov

Connected Finances. Part 2: When the Internet of Things Secures Your Finances

The Internet of Things has a considerable flair for innovations and is penetrating virtually any sphere of human activities. Surely, we all have noticed how our finances have moved towards becoming al...

06 Dec 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mitesh Soni

The importance of design thinking for solutions providers

Recently, I hosted an event on design thinking. As part of the programme, I welcomed Alberta Soranzo, Transformation Design Director, Lloyds Banking Group, to share her expertise on the role design th...

25 Nov 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Denis Novikov

Connected Finances: When the Internet of Things Goes to the Bank

Gartner forecasts that by 2020 there will be 21 billion connected “things” in the world. In the coming years, financial institutions will not be able to avoid wondering how this multitude of IoT devi...

25 Nov 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Carl Cotton

5 Benefits Outsourcing Software Development Services Brings to Fintech Business

Outsourcing software development is an alternative that can be a great part of corporate strategies for fintech businesses. This working model has been increasingly used by companies that adopt planni...

22 Nov 2019
Steve Wilcockson

The Non-Contradiction of Proprietary Finance and Community Open Source Programming

I work in financial services, typically quantitative technology applications. A recent employer of mine was an imagery company, providing satellite and drone-sourced data into finance and insurance. I...

11 Nov 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

Abstraction in Financial IT - How far can and should we go?

Abstraction is a fundamental concept in software engineering. An abstraction is a simplified version of something technical (with unwanted details omitted), which allows to hide away complexity via a ...

06 Nov 2019
Banking Architecture
Denis Novikov

How can banks win in the SME market: contemporary mobile banking trends

SMEs represent a tremendously large market for banks. According to the BankingCircle, in Europe, small and medium enterprises make 99% of all businesses and create more than 85% of all new jobs in th...

05 Nov 2019
Open Banking
Alexander Arabey

Latest Trends in Mobile Banking Development for SMEs: E-invoicing and Ecosystems

Our company has been collecting insights and relevant statistics in fintech and banking for many years. Understanding the industry is a must for narrowly specialized software development. Recently we’...

04 Nov 2019
Open Innovation Ecosystems
Thomas Pintelon

Being unique is not enough - how to assess the impact of a new banking solution

Repeating and improving what others have successfully done is a great and proven way to be successful when starting a new business. You're more or less sure about the relevance of the solution that yo...

24 Oct 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Paul Shumsky

Building Customers Rewards Program With Blockchain

Coca-Cola has always been a master of branding and innovation when it comes to marketing. In 1887 Coca-Cola was the first company to create a handwritten coupon offering consumers a free glass of Coca...

14 Oct 2019
Trends in Financial Services