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Paul Shumsky

Building Customers Rewards Program With Blockchain

Coca-Cola has always been a master of branding and innovation when it comes to marketing. In 1887 Coca-Cola was the first company to create a handwritten coupon offering consumers a free glass of Coca...

14 Oct 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

Microservices - Yet another buzzword or a real innovation for the Financial Services Industry

1. Introduction Microservices are the new hot trend in the application architecture landscape. Like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and cloud a few years ago, "microservices" is the buzz...

07 Oct 2019
Banking Architecture
Denis Novikov

What banks should know about PFM development in 2020?

Not so long ago statistics showed low adoption levels on Personal Finance Management (PFM) systems. Indeed, the 10-12% adoption rate can hardly be a strong motivation for banks to invest in PFM deve

03 Oct 2019
Personal Finance
Denis Novikov

How can Digital Customer Onboarding in banks increase sales and build loyalty?

While banking product portfolios tend to become similar, banks must select between 2 most popular strategies (or combine them): to compete in pricing or to focus on customer experience improvement.

01 Oct 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Paul Shumsky

How To Architect FinTech Apps In 2020

Banks and other early Fintech companies, which were built on legacy or some other system are quickly realizing how difficult it is to make changes to their digital services. The recent evolution of cr...

30 Sep 2019
Banking Architecture
Denis Novikov

Super Apps and Financial Services: How Can Banks Catch Up With the Trend?

Super apps are just appearing in the US and European countries, while in the Asian-Pacific region they already became a natural part of daily routine. So what are super apps and what is so special a

05 Sep 2019
Fintech innovation and startups
Mitesh Soni

The innovation challenge: balancing stability with speed

Banks have traditionally been closed entities, guarding their proprietary assets and frustrating Fintechs by focussing on scale and stability rather than innovation. The prevailing reaction to the eme...

29 Aug 2019
Jonathan Jensen

Getting to the crUX of identity verification

Great identity verification should be top of the list when it comes to technological improvement in finance. The number of people using online services is increasing, as online banking grows at an ave...

27 Aug 2019
Digital Identity Management
Konrad Litwin

Customer satisfaction and mobile apps: why a new approach to testing and code quality is needed

2019 is a landmark year for the mobile industry: the introduction of foldable smartphones by firms including Huawei, LG and Samsung is one of the most significant developments that market sector has s...

20 Aug 2019
Bigger than Technology
Harbinder Kang

How to shift left: Four tips to change team culture

As the “shift-left” mindset begins to take hold, it is important to remember that embedding key technical practices earlier in the delivery pipeline will only deliver value if all teams are prepared a...

06 Aug 2019
Business Knowledge for IT
Denis Novikov

Part 2 - Top-6 mobile banking aspects to consider when promoting youth loyalty

In the first part of this article: we used a lot of statistical data to back up our focus on the lifestyle banking trend specified millennials as the target audience accentuated the promotion of ban...

01 Aug 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Denis Novikov

Part 1 - Top-6 mobile banking aspects to consider when promoting youth loyalty

Banks are now focused on a seamless end-to-end digitalized experience for their customers and their primary target audience is the millennials. Born between the late ’70s and mid-’90s (according to Ni...

26 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation