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Dale Eastham

Music concerts with Micrashells. Is this the way forward for financial advisors?

Maintaining the Adviser and Customer personal relationship. Face to face is obviously always going to be the best option; sadly, with social distancing, we have to come up with the next best thing. Co...

27 May 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Roel Jansen

The potential for emerging technologies

Fintechs have become highly prominent over the years, with more emerging all the time. In fact the fintech sector is flourishing, the UK industry alone experienced record growth in 2018, with the glob...

12 May 2020
Andrew Beatty

Navigating Change: Components and Microservices Give Banks Flexibility for the Future

“The only certainty is that nothing is certain,” wrote Pliny the Elder about two millennia ago. Few would challenge this sentiment, particularly these days – in fact this perspective may be more relev...

07 May 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Gustav Korobov

Bank as a service - the future of banks and fintech startups?

How do we see the future of fintechs and banks? Will these financial players end up being competitors or partners? We at Advapay are working daily with Fintechs to provide core banking platform and un...

07 May 2020
Roel Jansen

The importance of personalisation

The rise of technology, digital services and social networks have led to increased customer expectations. Consumers are demanding personalised services throughout all industries – particularly bankin...

28 Apr 2020
Roel Jansen

Updating management styles: not just technology

"Evolve or become irrelevant" has been the mantra in the banking and finance sector for some time now. Updating legacy systems and transitioning to more agile, innovative technology has been...

21 Apr 2020
Andrew Beatty

Opening the Vault

We live in an era of platforms. Many sectors, including financial services, are embracing platforms as a new and better way of doing business. Banking as a Platform (BaaP) is nascent but the benefits ...

06 Apr 2020
Dane Thacker

Trader Voice Goes Domestic! Big firms fluster while others move quickly

As restrictions on working from anywhere but home tighten trading operations are moving at different operational speeds with varying degrees of success. It was a very quick transition from office, to...

02 Apr 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Andrew Beatty

Goodbye Software, Hello Service

In the digital age, parents are often taught by their children. While Baby Boomers are digital immigrants, Millennials/Gen Z/Gen Alpha are all digital natives. Each generation uses the same technology...

19 Mar 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
David Ratnage

All Digital Lending Approaches are Not Created Equal

With on-demand services and faster decisions, digital lending platforms are changing the face of commercial lending. But digital approaches differ – and as banks transform their operations to keep up ...

16 Mar 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Shrey Rastogi

The 2020 Trends Defining the Banking and Payments Industry

Payments in the Cloud A number of key benefits pertaining to banking in the cloud are now widely acknowledged – from scalability, agility and security to future proofing and (perhaps the most signific...

02 Mar 2020
David Clee

2020: Drive by regulators to adopt tech poses challenges for the firms they police

The overhaul of the financial services industry in the post Great Financial Crisis (GFC) era has created a swathe of new rules and regulations for the regulators to monitor, and financial firms to adh...

25 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation