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Keith Stonell

Insurers should look alive in 2020

May you live in interesting times, so goes the Chinese curse. 2019 has certainly been an interesting year for insurers. Going into 2020, the industry is grappling with the fallout from disastrous wea...

23 Dec 2019
Debbie Green

2020 predictions: the new era of spending for the CFO

In the last 12 months, CFOs, particularly in the UK, have been forced to count the pennies when it comes to budgeting in an era of political and economic uncertainty. As we move into 2020 we expect, o...

13 Dec 2019
Finance 2.0
James Penniman

Cloud 2.0: What to expect in financial services?

Research from TABB Group earlier this year found that use of public cloud within financial services was poised to accelerate in 2019. These findings are reflected in our own recent survey[1] which fo...

04 Dec 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Debbie Green

Universities: unlocking innovation through the finance function

Universities are where innovation begins. They produce research that moves us forward scientifically, technologically and socially. Some of our best and brightest reside within their walls. However, w...

21 Nov 2019
Finance 2.0
Joris Lochy

Microservices - Yet another buzzword or a real innovation for the Financial Services Industry

1. Introduction Microservices are the new hot trend in the application architecture landscape. Like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and cloud a few years ago, "microservices" is the buzz...

07 Oct 2019
Banking Architecture
Paul Shumsky

Building A Bank With Microservices

Let's begin with the most common statements on using cloud solutions for online banking platforms I frequently get from clients: Statement #1: No banks use cloud solutions! Answer: Read a bit more of ...

07 Oct 2019
Banking Architecture
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Cloud Computing - The Basics

Cloud computing is undoubtly the promise of having a modern and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure without the need for substantial capital investments and personnel increases. The possibility of impr...

25 Sep 2019
Business Knowledge for IT
Retired Member

Cloud-First Strategy looks unavoidable: Leaders, trends and why now

The movement to cloud-first strategy is accelerating as more senior executives are declaring this is the way forward. For the leading cloud providers, this is now a multibillion business growing at up...

12 Sep 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mitesh Soni

The innovation challenge: balancing stability with speed

Banks have traditionally been closed entities, guarding their proprietary assets and frustrating Fintechs by focussing on scale and stability rather than innovation. The prevailing reaction to the eme...

29 Aug 2019
Gareth Williams

Troops Wanted: Anti Money Laundering Tech needs the right talent to win battle against criminals

It’s not news that fraudsters are developing more sophisticated methods than ever before to launder money. But, as Financial Institutions (FIs) are working hard to remove friction from their customer ...

31 Jul 2019
Banking Regulations
Retired Member

Dearth in access to UK financial services intensifies

The digital current account provider Pockit has offered some telling new insight into the access to financial services debate by comparing the rate of bank branch closures with deprivation rates in En...

26 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion
Anders Olofsson

How SWIFT gpi is harnessing the power of collaboration to transform cross-border payments

Wim Raymaekers, Global Head of Banking Market, SWIFT and Anders Olofsson, Global Head of Payments, Finastra In recent years, the idea that the world has advanced from “ego-system” to “eco-system” econ...

12 Jun 2019