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Gareth Williams

Troops Wanted: Anti Money Laundering Tech needs the right talent to win battle against criminals

It’s not news that fraudsters are developing more sophisticated methods than ever before to launder money. But, as Financial Institutions (FIs) are working hard to remove friction from their customer ...

31 Jul 2019
Banking Regulations
Jamie Barclay

Dearth in access to UK financial services intensifies

The digital current account provider Pockit has offered some telling new insight into the access to financial services debate by comparing the rate of bank branch closures with deprivation rates in En...

26 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion
Anders Olofsson

How SWIFT gpi is harnessing the power of collaboration to transform cross-border payments

Wim Raymaekers, Global Head of Banking Market, SWIFT and Anders Olofsson, Global Head of Payments, Finastra In recent years, the idea that the world has advanced from “ego-system” to “eco-system” econ...

12 Jun 2019
David Bernard

10 reasons why automation is good for financial service providers

The topic of automation is top of the minds of many businesses across the UK. In fact, Experian research shows 2 in 5 businesses plan to automate many of their current processes this year, specificall...

07 Jun 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Jordan Feigenbaum

Advantages of a private network - part 2

Part one of this network series highlighted some recent network incidents that impacted the internet and public cloud providers and proliferated the wariness of public cloud. There’s no doubt that ou...

06 Jun 2019
Jordan Feigenbaum

Exploring the public cloud - part 1

Across all industries – but particularly those in heavily regulated industries such as finance – the talk is about the shift to the public cloud. It is the buzzword of the moment. Amazon, Google and M...

04 Jun 2019
Trends in Financial Services