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Arnab Sengupta

Mobile Payments: The Merchants Dilemma

Where we are today Things have not really caught up since the launch of Apple Pay and the subsequent introduction of Samsung Pay in the market. Is it because of the fact the consumers have gone past t...

27 Dec 2016
Alexander Mifsud

Support non-acquired suppliers to shift the needle on card payments

Commercial card payments have failed to take off, despite significant potential benefits for suppliers, buyers, and card providers. Today, only some 2% of global business spend is captured on card. Ne...

09 Dec 2016
Alexander Mifsud

Are interchange economics the largest barrier to commercial card usage?

The benefits of commercial card payments seem clear enough. Buyers can streamline their Procure to Pay process, drive working capital benefits and access rich transactional data. Suppliers can improve...

18 Nov 2016
Retired Member

Call Centres are dead

Technology advances are quietly changing the face of the Collections industry and there are significant implications for organisations that don’t keep up with consumer demand and recognise the potenti...

19 Oct 2016
Howard Berg

The road to the cashless society

It’s over forty years since Britain went through its last true payment revolution with the decimalisation of the country’s currency system. What was part of our day-to-day lives was gone over night an...

10 Oct 2016
Retired Member

Pressure for Chargebacks on Consumer Credit Transfers?

Last week the UK Consumer Association, Which, lodged a super complaint with the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Payments Services Regulator over the lack of consumer redress for credit transfe...

03 Oct 2016
Nishant Ranjan

The Payment Switch - A Complex Fabric of Business and Technology

Payment Switch is a complex fabric in which functionality and technicality are intricately woven to provide a solid platform to deliver ever increasing different type of payment services with high t

30 Sep 2016
Dean Wallace

Saying NO to card payments loses customers. Obvious, you'd have thought

It's a lovely summer day in York, UK. Well not really, as it's the UK and in the North, but put that to one side. "Let's hire a boat and take the kids on the river" - what a great idea! Ok, ...

31 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Remind me, why do we need faster payments?

At an industry event last week, two colleagues and I were discussing the oft-stated requirement that the POS (Point-of-Sale) must be as frictionless, simple and unobtrusive as possible. It is sometime...

14 Jul 2016
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Paul Underwood

The quiet revolution of the loyalty key fob

Take a glance at your bunch of keys. In amongst ‘the usuals’ like the front door, the garage, the bike lock and the car keys, there’s fair chance that at least one plastic loyalty key fob has quietly ...

13 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Brexit: Possible Impacts on the UK Payments Market

Following Britain’s momentous decision to leave the European Union our thoughts must inevitably turn to the potential impact on UK consumer payments. In this blog we provide some early thoughts on how...

24 Jun 2016
Tom Hay

Beyond Babel: A New Blueprint for Global Instant Payments

Fragmentation has become a very real challenge for the industry as instant payment schemes are being implemented on a country by country basis, and each country is doing it differently. Like the Tower...

22 Jun 2016