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Andre Malinowski

Trends in electronic payments: What to expect in 2016

The payments landscape is changing fast – and much of this fast-paced change is being driven by today’s digitally empowered consumers, whose expectations have been transformed by the smartphone and th...

25 Dec 2015
Luke Purser

9th December 2015: Christmas Comes Early for European Merchants

Today marks a significant date for interchange rates across the Europe as all EU countries align their domestic credit (0.3%) and debit card (no more than 0.2%) rates. Whilst several countries includi...

09 Dec 2015
James Tomaney

The Future Of ATM Software?

I recently attended The Payments Knowledge Forum in London. This annual gathering of users, suppliers and consultants in the transaction switching business has a 30 year history. It started as EBUG ...

04 Dec 2015
Ward Hagenaar

Are logistics the logical value added services that Wallets need?

The expected takeoff of Wallets has been a hot topic for years in our industry. In the classical retail environment NFC enabled Mobile Wallets will finally deliver on its promise of speed and conveni...

20 Oct 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Manish Kumar

Mobile and Wearable Payments: Buddies or Challengers

The tech flings with wearables or long term association with mobile? The ubiquity of mobile or novelty of wearables? Whatever the factors be it is clear that both these channels are on their way to be...

09 Oct 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Bank Insources Credit Card Reward Redemption Theft

In Beware Of Credit Card Reward Redemption Theft, I'd written about the many occasions in the past when I didn't receive my credit card redemption until I chased the bank in question. In all those ca...

13 Sep 2015
Paul Underwood

Vive la contactless revolution

UK consumers have been able to ‘tap & pay’ with their contactless cards for nearly eight years now. Barclaycard issued its first contactless cards as early as 2008 and EAT became the first restaur...

01 Sep 2015
Matt Scott

ATM Shimming and The Death of EMV 2

Sequels are never as good as the original. For the second time in ten years I am drawn to yet another media frenzy concerning the apparent premature death of EMV. Really? The story surrounds a hardw...

31 Aug 2015
Business Knowledge for IT
Ketharaman Swaminathan

When Does Correlation Equal Causation?

Data purists would rap my knuckles for asking this question and reply, "Never". On the other hand, "data sophists" who're accustomed to lying with Big Data in even more crude ways ...

11 Aug 2015
Retired Member

Cards are the hottest new content category on mobile

2015 has been the breakthrough year for consumer mobile payments at physical stores. Beyond the current hype, there is still plenty of debate about whether mobile proximity payment will be successful ...

10 Aug 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Matt Scott

UK Mobile Proximity Payments 2015

A quick review of who has launched widely commercially available open-loop proximity payment (NFC) solutions for the UK market. Firstly there is Everything Everywhere (EE) – they launched Cash on Tap ...

10 Aug 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Mitigating Fraud Does Not Pay The Bills

Many discussions of security standards emphasize how Chip + PIN and Two Factor Authentication reduce fraud loss and exhort countries using Magstripe / Chip + Signature and Single Factor Authen...

20 Jul 2015