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Retired Member

Will we still be paying with online with cards in 10 years

Even back in the 1990s when ecommerce was in its infancy, there were always other ways to pay. It’s just that they were rubbish – inconvenient, fraud prone and slow. You could mail a cheque or cash, w...

09 Dec 2011
Pierre Boces

Mobile Payments: Opportunity for banks to create true value

There is a lot of activity in the mobile payments space, with companies of all sizes, including Google, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard (with their recent investment in mFoundry), American Express, retail b...

06 Dec 2011
Gary Wright

A plan for euro replacement

As the politicians in the Eurozone appear incapable of coming up with a rescue plan or any plan to implement an orderly retreat I have been thinking of what might happen. So far the politicians’ only ...

28 Nov 2011
Post-Trade Forum
Ward Hagenaar

Be my wallet

In wallet war times it makes you wonder whom you should regard as your best partner. Should your friends be the same as you are, very different, have the same market reach, etc. For a bank working wit...

09 Nov 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Bo Harald

The high cost of cash

We have elected and pay for decision makers and regulators. Sometimes I get the impression that they try to govern as little as possible in important areas and overcompensate with irritating nitty-gri...

06 Nov 2011
Retired Member

Virtual Currency may no longer be virtual anymore

Just a moment ago, Finextra tweeted an piece of Amex-related news: American Express has filed a patent for a system and method for using loyalty rewards as a currency. Any loyalty practitioner will ...

01 Nov 2011
Retired Member

Is privacy a dying luxury?

Earlier this summer, a story appeared in the press about a new Israeli company,, which claims to provide the ability to recognise a photograph of a face on the web, create an algorithm based ...

01 Nov 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

EMV: What does it mean for Acquirers?

With Visa’s recently announced U.S. EMV initiative, massive infrastructure changes loom on the horizon for card acquirers. To ready themselves for this change, acquirers can think about breaking down ...

19 Oct 2011
Retired Member

EMV: What does it mean for Issuers?

The EMV ball is starting to roll in the U.S., and the EMV specifications will affect all actors in the existing payment scheme – from issuers, acquirers, merchants to consumers. For issuers, this tran...

17 Oct 2011
Ketharaman Swaminathan

How Banks Can Differentiate By Going The Extra Mile - Part 3

When I wrote Differentiate Your Product By Going The Extra Mile, I'd meant it to be the second and concluding post. But, I came across a few more updates on this subject recently that I thought I mus...

16 Oct 2011
Mike Kresse

The Role of ISOs in Leaving the Check Behind

When we think about Leaving the Check Behind, many people do not realize what a critical role Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) play. Card payments, and in particular single use virtual card paym...

12 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Pat Carroll

What's really mind-boggling about the NY card-skimming fraud

News that 111 people were arrested last week in New York in a US$13 million card fraud scam was a useful reminder of just how easy it still is to skim credit card details in the US. NYPD Commissioner ...

10 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services