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Steven Murdoch

UK Cards Association attempt to supress Cambridge research

The UK Cards Association (previously known as APACS) has written to the University of Cambridge asking them to remove a paper, claiming that it contains information that might be of use to criminals....

25 Dec 2010
Information Security
Elizabeth Lumley

Mob rule, mass transit and plastic cards

I've written before how groupthink, not only makes my skin crawl, but is counterproductive to innovation (it is the grit that makes the pearl, remember). But I've been thinking a lot about herd behav...

10 Dec 2010
Ian Kerr

The EMV tipping point

The latest figures from the Australian Payments Clearing Association hold no surprises for the seasoned EMV advocate. As we’ve seen with other EMV-compliant countries, such as the UK and Canada, the r...

08 Dec 2010
Retired Member

Chip and PIN impacts Australian card fraud

Interesting to see the latest figures from Australia released today, which show the impact that Chip and PIN can make on fraud. Skimming attacks committed domestically and overseas on Australian card...

07 Dec 2010
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Credit Cards Come A Full Circle

Legend has it that the credit card was invented in the 'fifties when one Mr. Frank McNamara had forgotten his wallet at home and had no cash to pay for a party he'd thrown for his important customer

03 Dec 2010
Retired Member

Increased security but an end to universal card usage?

Speaking at the Next Generation Cards & Payments Conference held in Brussels late last week, Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, made several N...

03 Dec 2010
Ian Kerr

Rethinking the cash machine

Earlier this month, NCR was talking about how they plan to rethink the cash machine. By reconsidering everything from the console's shape to the interface's style and function, "we can create ma...

01 Dec 2010
Felitas Aguilar

The credit card in Germany - a Cinderella tale

It is good news that credit cards are the most popular payment method in German e-commerce for the first time. It’s also interesting that 2010 has seen a significant growth in the number of credit car...

24 Nov 2010
Tim Tyler

Mobile NFC - Don't Leave Home Without It?

Finally we have seen the impetus required to start the mobile NFC ball rolling. There is a strong likelihood that Apple will announce that the next iteration of the iPhone will contain an NFC chip,

16 Nov 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

Zero-Plastic Banking may be upon us sooner...

Eric Schmidt and the team at Google yesterday announced that they are going to beat Apple at the NFC game and will launch their new phone the Nexus S, code-named Gingerbread, within just 'weeks'. Chec...

16 Nov 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

How Apple might launch the NFC iPhone5...

I've had a quick shot at a mock-up advertisement of how Apple might launch the next iPhone 5 based on an earlier concept mock-up of what people thought the iPhone 4 might look like. I hope you like i...

14 Nov 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

The perfect storm to put an end to CASH

I've been at the E-Money, Cards and Payments conference in Moscow today. Coming off the back of SIBOS it is quite interesting to have a discussion not just about payments, but around modality and the ...

11 Nov 2010
Innovation in Financial Services