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Sriram Natarajan

Will Twitter founder Square Visa - MasterCard?

Further to my earlier post on Internet based payment applications, it looks like 2010 is going to be the year of alternate payments. We can see the high level of interest in the subject. Jack Dorsey -...

26 Dec 2009
Cedric Pariente


Merry Christmas 2009 May the end of 2009 be as sweet as 2010 that I hope to be your best year ever

25 Dec 2009
Online Banking
Retired Member

Every Little Helps. The Tesco approach to over-limit Fees.

So ... The other day I tried to use my Tesco Finest Platinum Turbo-Nutter credit card, and the transaction was declined. Happens to the best of us I know, but it is paid off every month, and I had re...

22 Dec 2009
Nick Ogden

Time to cheque out for Christmas

As we sit back and relax this Christmas a topic of conversation that is likely to rear its head over the festive Ogden dinner table will likely be the demise of the cheque. With several generations a

21 Dec 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

2010 crystal ball - retaining customer loyalty

With a new year (and a new decade approaching), it is time to look at what will be the next innovative technology in banking and loyalty. This year, banks have recognised more than ever, the need for ...

18 Dec 2009
Elizabeth Lumley

The PSD 'what ifs'

Today's Innovation in Payments rountable, sponsored by the Visa Europe Research Fellowship at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, was filled with many 'what ifs' in regards to the Paymen...

10 Dec 2009
Lachlan Gunn

Do you protect your PIN at an ATM?

The days are drawing in (in the Northern hemisphere at least), its dark, its cold, and its busy in the lead up to Xmas and the New Year. A lot of money is taken out of ATMs this month. Its a good ti...

04 Dec 2009
Nick Ogden

The PSD is a window of opportunity

2009 has seen tightening up of regulation in the financial markets globally, and the payments environment is no exception. In Europe, the EU has pioneered a number of changes with the introduction of ...

26 Nov 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Lachlan Gunn

Should we have chip only payment cards?

Should sensitive cardholder data be held as standard in magnetic stripes on European EMV cards? The European ATM Security Team (EAST) has conducted a website poll on this topic. On currently availabl...

26 Nov 2009
Retired Member

Abolition of Cheques - I Hope the Banks Vote 'No'

If the banks vote to abolish cheques without first working through all the relevant scenarios where they are used today, I think they will be performing a huge disservice to the British public. The f...

23 Nov 2009
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

The chicken and egg of contactless payments

When Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876, I wonder whether he realised the impact this new technology would come to have on people’s lives. Use of this new device wasn’t instantaneous...

23 Nov 2009
Retired Member

How to cut US Merchants' card fraud costs by 50 billion

Two news items came out this week that caught my attention and got me thinking. The first was a report from LexisNexis - the 2009 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study. The shocking headline figure in ...

13 Nov 2009
Information Security