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Matt White

Good time to bury bad news?

Christmas – a time to spend time with loved ones, relax with plenty of food and drink and, if you’re a troubled fintech firm, slip out any embarrassing news whilst the rest of us are busy doing better...

21 Dec 2007
Retired Member

Regulators about to rule on interchange -watch this closely

Here's something that could have a big impact on how payment schemes are going to compete in the future. European regulators are expected tomorrow to force MasterCard to cut interchange fees, but the ...

18 Dec 2007
SEPA and European Payments
Jan-Olof Brunila

Prepaid or deposits?

If a bank like A & L offers on one hand deposit accounts and on the other hand prepaid accounts - where does the regulator draw the line between the two fundamentally different services? How does...

17 Dec 2007
Retired Member

Justify interchange by helping retailers fight return fraud

Return fraud is in the news again. $3.7 billion this holiday season, according to a recent report. I talk about it because I believe that payment networks are ideally positioned to help retailers addr...

16 Nov 2007
SEPA and European Payments
Retired Member

Contactless troubles: useful analyst insight, useless advice

According to a report by research firm Aberdeen Group, most merchants that have adopted contactless don’t promote those programs to their customers, leading to lower than expected usage and uptake of ...

13 Nov 2007
SEPA and European Payments
Retired Member

Chip and pin and magstripe and signature and confused.....

I was a bit taken aback the other day by my experience in the self-checkout area of Sainsbury's. No - not the "unexpected item in the bagging area" issue - no this was the card reader saying...

09 Nov 2007
Retired Member

Merchants hate interchange but will pay 7-9pct for marketing

Merchants hate paying 2% for credit card interchange, yet reports show that they are willing to pay 7-9% to companies like Google that envelop the payment transaction within the shopping context and a...

07 Nov 2007
SEPA and European Payments
Zennon Kapron

Plastic China

According to a recent statistic published by China Union Pay, Chinese banks have issued more than 1.3 billion debit, credit and ‘quasi’-credit cards through the end of September. This means that, on ...

07 Nov 2007
Asia Financial Services
Retired Member

How an unregulated interchange model can benefit merchants

Regulating interchange fees would eliminate a powerful incentive for payment schemes to create innovative products and services which benefit merchants. Payment schemes should be able to compete with ...

05 Nov 2007
Russell Burke

'Less Cash' not 'Cashless'

This story which deals with an interesting subject. Who actually benefits from a shift away from the traditional use of cash? Ultimately the economy of a country should benefit the use of more effi...

25 Oct 2007
Retired Member

Is demise of cash the death knell for small businesses?

The "cash still king" story on Finextra caught my eye. Something about all this talk of replacing cash has been bothering me. It's all very well the banks trumpeting that you can use variou...

24 Oct 2007
Hans Hagen

Dinosaur revival

Not too long ago, ATMs were predicted to suffer the same fate as dinosaurs. With the invention of payment cards of all sorts, increasing usage of cards as a cash substitute, and the introduction of ca...

18 Oct 2007
Trends in Financial Services