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Jeremy Light

Banking's Bitcoin dilemmas

The banking industry is facing several dilemmas with distributed consensus ledger technology (the "blockchain"). Bitcoin has shown banks how the technology can be revolutionary, causing much...

22 Dec 2015
Martin Cox

What makes blockchain so disruptive?

The disruptive potential of blockchain, the back-end technology that powers Bitcoin, lies in its ability to radically simplify financial processes. The mathematics behind the system are complex, but ...

01 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Digital Payment Tech Gets Massive Upgrade with Blockchain

New open-source program promises to shake up the digital payments arena! Can Blockchain Get MasterCard and Visa to Step Aside? There are mixed views about the future of virtual currency, with key in...

30 Nov 2015
Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain Business Scenarios

These days blockchain is a blockbuster at banks. Financial institutions are spending time and resources to find how much business they can gain by adopting this new technology. This hype on the bank s...

25 Nov 2015
Transaction Banking
Alex Noble

Law, territory and the Blockchain in Financial Services

I'm finding that I'm having very productive discussions with lawyers as ideas mature on how blockchain could be used in financial services I should stress that I'm a technologist rather than a lawyer ...

20 Nov 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Federated Identity Management: A consensus based approach towards solving the KYC problem

Why there is a need to develop a new method of addressing the KYC problem. A Tangential Stroll Ask anyone who has ever owned a mobile phone (or two) and an email address (or two) and they will tell yo...

01 Nov 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Blockchain Standards Can Fix FOMO and FUD

Introducing FOMO and FUD In venture capital parlance, FOMO and FUD are the equivalents of Calvin and Hobbes. FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out leads angels to invest, or overinvest in ventures with lit...

18 Oct 2015
Brett King

Innotribe's blockchain keynote gets swamped

In Singapore this week, the incredible response to the discussion on the “blockchain” at SIBOS Innotribe is indicative of a massive shift taking place globally in banking today. FinTech, or Financial ...

12 Oct 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Jeremy Light

APIs, Immediate Payments and Distributed Ledgers - Hot Topics for SIbos

Sibos 2015 is almost here, and Singapore beckons. Key themes I expect to dominate Sibos are real-time, or immediate payments, PSD2 for the European banks and distributed consensus ledgers, particularl...

06 Oct 2015
Retired Member

UK to police digital currencies

The UK has announced that it will apply anti-money laundering (AML) rules to digital currencies in a bid to both encourage and regulate their usage. The government plans to launch a new £10 million re...

30 Sep 2015
Retired Member

Virtual Currencies are Officially Commodities

Swaps of Virtual Currencies Need to be traded in Specific Facilities or Markets! Congratulations & Celebrations! First Virtual Currency License issued in NY In what is being hailed as a first for ...

24 Sep 2015
Jeremy Light

Buying with bitcoins...

Last week I blogged on Bitcoin transactions, commenting on how they are steadily growing. I did not explore what these transactions were for, but one commentator expressed doubt they were for commerce...

14 Sep 2015