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Fancy Blowing Some Bitcoin on a Shopping Spree?

Believe it or not, there's a great new website that has a wide range of products priced in pounds sterling and get this – Bitcoin! If your virtual wallet is bursting at the seams and you just have to...

22 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Bitcoin: It’s not all about the money

by Chris Neale, Lead UX Designer at Tobias & Tobias Bitcoin’s blockchain ledger may turn out to be more important than the currency Bitcoin’s rise to prominence over the last five years reminds me...

17 Nov 2014
Max Excell

Coming soon to a retailer near you - Bitcoin

As you may have already seen, Global payments company NCR has announced that one of its merchant point-of-sale (POS) systems will soon offer Bitcoin support. Merchants have shown an increasing appeti...

12 Nov 2014
Retired Member

Breaking the cryptocurrency stigma: Epiphyte

"It's a sensitive space, people still associate it with criminality and dubious activities - like the internet in the early days" When Finextra wrote a story about Epiphyte winning the Innot...

28 Oct 2014
Future Finance
Brett King

Why Ebola might kill cash

The Fear Factor on Ebola is over the top right now. We are spending countless hours in the media analyzing footage of health workers, figuring out how a nurse in Texas contracted the disease despite s...

17 Oct 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
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Will block supersede stack?

Don’t be fooled by Bitcoin. It’s an early incarnation, an experiment, of something much bigger. Maybe even a new era. As of very recently – less than a generation - 100% of world wealth has a smart de...

25 Sep 2014
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Retired Member

Swiss Gold Opportunity

One of the very few remaining proper democracies in the world will vote on bringing the Swiss Gold back to Switzerland on November 30. In order to have a national referendum on an issue in Switzerland...

17 Sep 2014
Jane Adams

An answer to the Scottish currency question

One of the things I fail to understand about the Yes campaign for Scottish independence is their determination to retain sterling. OK, it may mean greater stability in the short term but so would rema...

05 Sep 2014
Max Excell

Virtual Currency: Not Just A Phase

Virtual currencies are definitely trending. You know that’s true when even the politicians are jumping on the bandwagon. It won’t be long until Ed and Dave are asking if they can pay for their Cornish...

14 Aug 2014
Retired Member

Do you bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto's crypto-currency has been around for 5 years now. It is the most widely known of all the virtual currencies (such as litecoin, dogecoin, Gold Pressed Latinum), but still the uptake ...

08 Aug 2014
Elton Cane

Cryptocurrency can cure cancer

There's been a lot of hype and controversy about Bitcoin. Exchanges have bloomed, been taken down, been hacked and evolved. Regulators are running this way and that. The tech and mainstream media has ...

07 Aug 2014
Future Finance
Zennon Kapron

China Bitcoin Exchanges 2.0

Seven months after the PBOC's crackdown on bitcoin exchanges in China and we're seeing a resurgence in talk about what Chinese bitcoin exchanges are doing and where they are going. While accusations o...

24 Jul 2014