09 December 2018
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On Demand Webinar: How much is financial wellness worth to consumers?

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04 October 2018 at 15:00 BST


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Join Finextra, Yodlee and industry experts for this on demand webinar exploring how banks’ use of artificial intelligence helps customers take control of their financial health.

Research shows the value of using artificial intelligence to create an engaging, interactive experience and how it helps consumers take control of their financial health via personal financial wellness tools, for which they are willing to pay.

But how do you can go beyond managing banking transactions and drive true consumer engagement by providing actionable financial guidance? And how can banks get to the heart of what the customer considers most valuable herein?

While traditional Personal Financial Management capabilities such as budget and savings tools initially attract customer interest, engagement often drops off after the first few interactions.

Join this webinar hosted by Finextra, in association with Envestnet | Yodlee to hear from Tiffani Montez, Senior Analyst at Aite Group, Sarah Anderson, User Experience Director of Product Applications at Envestnet | Yodlee, Carlos Figueredo, CEO and Founder, Open Vector Limited UK and Keith Aston, Research & Innovation, AIB Bank as they discuss how to champion financial wellness, its benefits and other topics such as:

  • Which consumers want financial wellness tools
  • How to drive financial health with artificial intelligence and enable consumers to be genuinely proactive about their finances
  • What consumers think about virtual financial wellness coaches
  • How to make the shift from offering personal financial management tools to personal financial wellness experiences


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Ketharaman Swaminathan
Ketharaman Swaminathan - GTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune 04 September, 2018, 13:51

Traditionally, checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, etc. make banking / financial management a chore. Good luck enhancing customer engagement by repositioning financial management to financial wellness.

Today, we know pharma as wellness but, apparently, the repositioning was done in response to a similar challenge faced by the industry: Jack Reacher, the protagonist of Lee Child's bestseller MAKE ME, looks at the showcase of a drugstore, and observes, “What can they show on the window that will make people rush inside with enthusiasm?” By repositioning themselves as wellness providers, pharma chains have been able to drive up footfalls to their stores with alluring displays of nutrition drinks, energy bars and protein jars on their windows. 

Hope the same repositioning exercise helps finserv as well. 

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