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Climb every mountain

Climb every mountain


Elliott Piggott, now at the summit of trading systems vendor Trayport after taking over as managing director from founder Edmund Hor last month, takes our leadership quiz.

Name:  Elliott Piggott

Date and place of birth:  1967 Maidstone, Kent.

Residence:  Richmond, Surrey

Marital status:  Married for 18 years

Education:  Cambridge University, Geography

Career path:

1.     BAE Systems (1988-1993)

2.     Hill Samuel (1993-1994)

3.     Air Miles  (1994-2001)

4.     Trayport (2001 - )

Current posts:  Managing Director, Trayport

What was your first job? My first job at BAE Systems was more eventful than most as I met my wife Joanne there. However, my first ‘jobs' at Trayport when in 2001 when there was just eight of us which meant working on everything from being a Board Director to the Accounts Clerk.

Which business leaders do you most admire? I'm not big on heroes although I respect business leaders that are motivated by long-term results over short-term profits. I would include Warren Buffet in that category.

If you weren't in your current job, which company would you most like to lead? The Post Office. The opportunity for improvement is self-evident.

Do you read books on management theory? If, so which has influenced you the most? I definitely prefer summaries! However, ‘The Goal', a novel by Eliyahu Goldratt, is still my most influential. On a lighter note Martin Lukes' - ‘Who moved my Blackberry?' was great fun and acts as a reminder of how organisations go wrong.

What has been your best experience in business? At BAE Systems I met my wife. Second to that was working in a factory environment in the eighties before the advent of mainstream computing.

What keeps you awake at night? Nothing, but last thing at night is when I find myself reflecting on how we could learn from the day just past.

How do you relax? Mountaineering

Favorite Web site:  I have a place in Chamonix in the French Alps so am often tracking the weather and mountain conditions there using local sites. 

Desert island disc/book: La Traviata would be my musical choice. To read I would take an Atlas!

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