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Finexpo - Green City agenda


10th April 2008



Finexpo - Green City agenda

Keynotes and panel sessions for Finexpo - Green City.

08.30: Registration

09.00 Keynote presentation:
Matthew Robinson, head of group sustainable advisory team, HSBC
Carbon neutral banking
Focus on the practical measures that HSBC has implemented to achieve carbon neutral status: building a business case; overcoming potential barriers and inhibitors; addressing technological, cultural and business challenges; measuring returns and communicating the benefits to stakeholders, staff and customers.

09.30: Panel:
Green investment strategies - risks and opportunities for financial institutions

-Identifying risks and opportunities associated with climate change and the shift away from fossil fuels
-Financing social entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and alternative energy
-Public and private sector partnerships
  • Professor Michael Mainelli - director, Z/Yen and principal advisor to the London Accord
  • John Firth, CEO, Acclimatise
  • Rory Sullivan, head of investor responsibility, Insight Investments
  • Mark Hoskin, partner at Holden and Partners

Prof. Mainelli London Accord presentation (2.3Mb)
Mark Hoskin presentation (102Kb)
10.45: Coffee

11.15: Panel:
Emissions trading and the carbon economy - 2008 and beyond

-Updates on the emergence of global trading system through linkages between schemes
-Focusing on the role of financial institutions as intermediaries in this burgeoning market
-The growing complexity of the financial instruments exploiting the burgeoning global carbon market
-Critical success factors for existing and new exchanges
-System requirements for viewing, posting, monitoring and trading multiple instrument types on multiple execution venues under multiple schemes
  • David Clark, chairman, London Energy Brokers Association
  • Doug Corden, vice president and carbon trader, Morgan Stanley
  • Chris Leeds - director of global emissions, Barclays Capital
  • Phil Brown, CEO, Climate Spot Exchange
  • Richard Wilson, head of emissions, Tullett Prebon

Phil Brown presentation (2.3Mb)
Richard Wilson presentation (960k)
Chris Leeds presentation (960k)
12.30 Lunch

13.30: Case study:
John Killey, head of realty services for Emea, Citi
Greening the data centre
Citi is committed to ensuring that sustainability lies at the heart of all its major projects and a new data centre is no different. The presentation will demonstrate how this commitment is being fulfilled through a holistic approach that starts by seeking to drive down carbon emissions through energy efficiency design and then pursues the wider impacts of sustainability. The result is a project that achieves sustainability without compromise to operation or reliability.

14.00 Panel:
Energy efficient data centres and operational technology

-Raising energy efficiency by means of hardware, software and building services engineering
-An overview of regulation, standards, labels and voluntary agreements
-Auditing to help optimise resource utilisation and efficient processes
  • John Abbott, chief analyst, the 451Group
  • John Killey, head of realty services for Emea, Citi
  • Simon Ratcliffe, head of managed services, BSG (on behalf of Sun & BSG)
  • Matthew Robinson, head of group sustainable advisory team, HSBC.
  • Neil Harris, corporate sustainability manager, Cisco

14.45: Neil Harris, corporate sustainability manager, Cisco
Carbon to Collaboration - Green banking in an IT enabled world
Cisco will focus on the role of ICT and the climate change challenge, how ICT can reduce emissions by providing a balanced approach to demand side energy reduction and supply side energy optimisation. Supported by examples from our own experience around Greening Cisco and concluding with an exploration of common climate-related banking risk categories.

15.15: Coffee

15.45: Mark Greenaway, practice leader - financial services, Adobe
Improving customer experiences with Green IT

Digital natives are changing the way companies would traditionally engage with their customers. By demanding more richer internet experiences, companies are having to rewrite their engagement model for customer interaction. Mark Greenaway shares insight into the forces driving change, and ways financial institutions can bridge the engagement gap and address environmental concerns in the process.

Presentation (2.64Mb)

16.15: Tom Carnac, manager of supply chain leadership collaboration, The Carbon Disclosure Project
Climate change and the supply chain

Tom will discuss ways to assess climate change risks and opportunities across supply chains. The session will explore the techniques available for developing a consistent and appropriate methodology for reporting energy use across the supply chain, with the aim of encouraging suppliers to measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.
Presentation (1.7Mb)

16.45: Drinks
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