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Next Generation Corporate Banking - On demand webcast


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Next Generation Corporate Banking - On demand webcast

Most large corporates manage multiple banking relationships around the globe and those relationships are changing. Banks are scrambling to keep up with a raft of demands, from offering tailored services for domestic markets, standardising procedures such as client onboarding to delivering digital and mobile enabled products to treasurers.

Global banks are turning towards collaboration and consolidation in order to meet these demands. Multinational banks are starting to partner with smaller regional players for some markets, such as Latin America, while in turn offering white-labelled services to these banks that leverage their expansive reach and economies of scale.

Meanwhile, common regulatory requirements, such as AML and KYC, are overheads that all banks face. However, much of the data associated with meeting these regulations is common, but is handled separately. Banks are starting to cooperate more on that common overhead where the benefit to the client is reduced costs.

Finextra and SAP have gathered a team of experts to explore how banks and corporates are harnessing digital technologies, such as cloud, to meet these ever changing corporate needs.

Dmitry Simakov, Director, Treasury and Trade Solutions,Connectivity Services - EMEA, Citi
• Michel Verholen, Global Director, Treasury, Greif
• Robert Grimes, Solution Manager in Technology Solutions, SAP

Our panel will discuss:

• Are banks meeting corporates needs effectively?
• What is it that corporates want?
• How much does consumer technology affect the types of products that treasurers want to see from their bank providers?
• Which services are most suited to cloud technology?
• Why are some bank IT departments wary of ‘cloud’ and what are other departments saying about cloud solutions?
• What are the internal barriers at banks?
• What regulations regarding data make cloud use difficult for banks?
• What benefits would it bring immediately and in the future?
• Is there a real threat that corporates are starting to look outside the bank to meet some of their treasury needs?
• Why is the introduction of standards, such as for client on boarding, so difficult to achieve?

Join our panel for a live, interactive webcast on September 4, 2014 at 15:30 UK time to discuss these, and other questions.

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