On Demand Webinar: Fighting fraudulent account takeover with digital intelligence
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On Demand Webinar: Fighting fraudulent account takeover with digital intelligence

Join Finextra, Accertify, InAuth and industry experts for our on demand webinar as we discuss how financial institutions and merchants are fighting fraudulent account opening and account takeover with digital intelligence.

Two current top areas of concern for fraud risk are account opening where fraudsters are able to open an account with a real or synthetic identity, and account takeover where access is gained to an established consumer’s digital account.

Digital account openings are vital to the lifeblood of any transaction-based company. It’s critical that the door is closed on fraudsters before they can gain access to any account opening process. But even the most security conscious organisations remain vulnerable to potential fraud and financial loss as accounts are opened using false identities.

Account takeover fraud is on the rise as fraudsters bypass authentication with compromised user IDs and passwords. Once access is gained they are able to withdraw funds, make purchases and steal customer information for use at other organisations.

Join our on demand webinar to hear Finextra, Accertify, InAuth and industry experts discuss:

  • How does device intelligence help prevent fraudulent account opening/takeover?
  • Once identity is established, how do you protect that identity from account takeover and the consumer, and yet reduce friction?
  • How do newer techniques such as biometrics, bot and malware protection, and behaviour analytics help against fraud attacks?
  • What is the role of machine learning models, fraud rules analysts in preventing these scenarios?

Speakers include:

  • Diane Joyce, Technology Owner, Post Office Identity Services
  • Patrick Reemts, VP, Originations & Authentication, TSYS
  • Michael Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer, InAuth Inc.
  • Jeff Wixted, VP, Operations & Product, Accertify Inc.


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