On Demand Webinar: The drive towards risk based digital identity and authentication
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On Demand Webinar: The drive towards risk based digital identity and authentication

Join Finextra, HID global and industry experts for our on demand webinar as we discuss how the thirst to digitally deliver online products and services demands new, stronger levels of digital identification and authentication. Current methods of identity management are enhanced using biometrics, adoption of risk-based models and use of machine learning but how can this be achieved?

In a digitally interconnected world, banks and their customers increasingly interact in real-time through mobile and online channels. As services and products are delivered digitally, regulation recognises its importance and looks to strengthen current ways of authentication between parties. As a result, many banks are looking at the future use of digital identity and turning attention to biometric technology: voice, facial and fingerprint recognition.

It is time to rethink the way digital identity is managed and take a more progressive approach and reduce the frustration of using multiple passwords, streamline processes, making greater use of artificial intelligence and risk-based authentication to detect fraudulent activity in an increasingly real-time environment.

Register for this webinar where industry experts we will discuss:

  • How regulation shapes the way digital identity is evolving.
  • The benefits of banks adopting a more proactive approach to managing identity and the need to streamline current processes and move to biometric technology.
  • The role identity has in combating increasingly sophisticated threats of cybercrime and fraud.
  • The development of risk based digital identity models.
  • How the use of artificial intelligence strengthens digital identity management.

Speakers Include:

  • Jason Maude, Head of Technology Advocacy, Starling Bank
  • Paul Jones, Senior Director Global Presales Strategy & Operations, IAMS, HID Global
  • Jonathan Williams, Principal Consultant, Mk2 Consulting
  • Anna Milne, Editor, Finextra


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