On Demand Webinar: eKYB and eKYC: Balancing Compliance with Customer Experience
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On Demand Webinar: eKYB and eKYC: Balancing Compliance with Customer Experience

Join Finextra, Trulioo and Industry experts for our on demand webinar as we explore how the use of automated verification solutions help financial institutions counter the complexity of regulation and fraud with customer experience as a priority.

In an increasingly digital age transactions are exchanged in real-time, and the pressure to meet the legal demands of regulation and compliance is complex and costly.

Labour intensive, manual processes can be dramatically improved using automated solutions. These can prove essential to the operational efficiency of a business to reduce costs and avoid breaching regulatory governance.

But how do you move from traditional practices to an automated approach? What are the complexities and considerations to take into account to fulfil Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer and Know your Business obligations in multiple jurisdictions? To identify and validate the individuals and companies you transact with and to truly know the identities of those you do business with?

Join Finextra, Trulioo and industry experts as we share the findings of a survey to understand KYB and KYC/AML processes. Find out how automation ensures you put the customer first through streamlining initial onboarding, to make business verification far easier and effective across an organisation, as well as answers to questions such as:

  • Why are traditional KYB and KYC/AML under such pressure and what are the implications for financial institutions regarding overheads, costs and potential non-compliance?
  • What is the impact of increasingly, complex regulation? How has this evolved and what are the new requirements to be aware of to show you know and can evidence who you do business with?
  • How is the market-place responding? How are financial institutions choosing to move to automated, enterprise solutions? What are the business models and use cases?

Speakers Include:

  • Anna Milne, Editor, Finextra
  • Simeon Beal, Senior Associate, One World Identity
  • Zac Cohen, General Manager, Trulioo
  • Lana Abdullayeva, Open Banking Technical Services Director, Lloyds Banking Group
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