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Bio Risk Management / Corporate banking Professional, keenly interested in Predictive analytics, Digital disruption and Blockhain technologies with specific focus in Capital Markets. Note: The opinions expressed in my blogs and comments made are wholly mine and should not be viewed as Temenos's views. Career History Analytics, Risk Management, Corporate Banking; Banking Technology, Digital Evangelist, Passion for emerging technologies (example: Blockchain)


Analytics in Banking

Dashboards : The yoga of analytics

08 Jul 2019

Digitisation is the brick and mortar of modern day business with analytics as a strategic component; Underlying analytics are scores of algorithms, call it machine learning or AI that help to determine and in a way modulate customers’ behaviour. In addition, assist in decision-making. The potency of analytics is in the design of dashboards specifi...

Digital Banking, Mortgages and Savings

Analytics 360 - The Best and Only the Bet for Digitally Engaging Customers

17 Dec 2018

When I started my career in banking the universe was very different. Travelling back in time it looks like a different planet altogether. ‘Logan’s Run’ created waves as did ‘The close encounter of the third kind’; Ray Bradbury’s stories transposed one to a different time and space. Customers walked into branches and the relationship managers ceme...

Data Management 101

Data Analytics: As Good As the User

14 Dec 2018

Numbers are more persuasive; visual representations gravitate bringing the ‘wow’ factor. All this is possible by the sophisticated tools of today that churn large amounts of data into nice beautiful picturesque dashboards. Some look like abstract art that would have certainly thrilled Picasso. The CxOs use these to make ‘fact based’ business deci...


Open Banking

Analytics in an Openbanking Era

09 Oct 2018

Analytics descriptive or predictive is normally associated with data that has accumulated over time banks went digital with introduction of computers in operations. Data thus accumulated grew to big data which is the foundation for analytics. However with open banking this is changing. Openbanking does not have bigdata as a startpoint for anal...

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