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Bio I lead Oracle's EMEA innovation team for Financial Services. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer. Career History

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HSBC trials in-branch Samsung smartwatch pilot

  In some ways this is a bit like Pepper the robot as a greeter (which incidentally HSBC are trialing in their NY branch but other banks also trialing this kind of approach).  By triaging then alerting or scheduling an advisor if a human is required or desired should lead to a more valuable outcome in NPS or Income terms. If one was to introduce the identity of the customer into this further prioritisation could be made (based on past interaction history / percieved future value). Also with knowledge of advisor from their HR/Talent profile further matching could be done to most appropriate advisor. Could be interesting to join the two concepts - use robotics , vision and customer devices  to detect the customer approaching / entering, marry current with past interactions and direct accordingy to automated e.g. ATM or Smart Device enabled Human Advisor. Watches, tablets, Robots, VR etc are in effect all just channels to customer and employee. If your going to create cross channel, omni channel, immersive experiences for both customer and employee and deflect service where sensible/uneconomic to automated pathways and create efficient employee and customer interactions this is interesting.  This is also potentially the start of creating "digital twins" of customers and employees as smart devices generate huge amounts of data to drive intelligence from. I wrote a couple of articles recently you might be interested in: