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Bio Founder of Bonova Advisory a management consulting firm that helps Financial services and government agencies navigate today's most complex regulatory, risk and operational environments. Career History Strong leadership experience within banks and Financial services. An expert in regulations across North Americas, Europe and APAC. Adept at setting up governance and ERM framework for SIFIs. Advisor to banks for integrating Fintech products and innovations into bank models


Digital Banking, Mortgages and Savings

Bigger Banks are here to stay

15 Aug 2019

Banking Is More Than Software Disruption is the current name of the game. The promise is it will upturn any economic sector that’s not sufficiently hip to the new ways of doing business. In some cases that has certainly been true. Uber has taken its toll on traditional taxicab companies. Airbnb has altered the hotel and bed-and-breakfast sectors. ...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Managing Risks Effectively with Energy Trading Risk Management Systems

15 Apr 2019

How Straight-Through Processing Reduces Costs? Energy Trading Risk Management in today’s volatile markets is challenging and demands a robust, seamless, end-to-end integration of various processes for commodity trading activities from the inception point of the trade to post-settlement. Any particular point in the life cycle of these trading activi...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How To Avoid Nightmares When Onboarding AI-Powered Regtech

05 Apr 2019

The rapidly expanding realm of artificial intelligence (AI) presents a powerful tool for meeting the requirements of regulatory oversight. But like any powerful tool, using it incorrectly can lead to disaster. I have seen firms allocate large budgets to onboard extremely advanced technology to solve a particular challenge, but their efforts are no...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Future Trends Moving Wholesale Banking Forward

11 Mar 2019

Expanding roles in wholesale banking have created a push for improvements in service of large-scale corporate customers. From the current states of function, wholesale banking will undergo a restructuring of product developments, a new approach to customer interaction and the employment of digitized practices to increase efficiency. Trends predict...