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Bio A founder at Finextra Research: obsessively covering everything in fintech for over 20 years. A unique community, resources and services for financial technology professionals worldwide. Tell us what you think of it. Also a founder at Metia Group, a global agency that uses data driven insight, content and demand, to create amazing brands and build huge businesses in tech and fintech. Career History Never found a better job than the one I'm doing now.



The social angle on Money2020

04 Nov 2014

Social is a big part of Money2020 (in both senses). In a moment of mid-conference early morning jetlag I thought I'd run some numbers to see how much noise is being generated, by whom and to what impact. Looking at data from August 4th to November 3rd, we found and analysed 27,000 relevant mentions - 92% of which were in microblogs (Twitter). Needl...


Fintech marketers most fear the enemy within?

28 Oct 2014

Earlier this year we sponsored a piece of research by Finextra into the challenges and issues facing fintech marketers. One of my favourite insights is that fintech marketers fear their dependency upon their colleagues, even more than the campaigns of their competitors. We asked fintech marketers the question: what are the biggest barriers to ach...



A look inside the heads of 34 expert fintech analysts

16 Jan 2014

We asked the smartest analysts and influencers in fintech: what does 2014 hold in store for the world of financial technology? We got back 34 insightful perspectives on the year ahead, covering everything from crypto currencies to risk, mobile to e-invoicing. Fintech experts at Booz Allen Hamilton, IDC, Ovum, Aite, Chartis, KapronAsia, Celent, Delo...


Coinye West: Bitcoin's first celeb branded currency?

03 Jan 2014

Just when you thought the world of Bitcoin might be sobering up for January like the rest of us, comes the news that rapper Kanje West is being celebrated with his own Bitcoin issue - to be known as Coinye West. Coindesk and the BBC both have the story - or you can nip over to or follow them @CoinyeWest Unfortunately, the team behind...


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