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Bio Business Analyst for Fusion Banking Essence Teller. Career History Joined Misys in 1999 as a Software Trainee and eventually a Software Engineer developing various functionalities for Equation. I spent most of my professional life working in various roles in Equation development before joining Fusion Banking Essence Teller.



In Asia, Branches Are Staying Put

09 Oct 2015

News of branch closures seems to be inevitable as more and more people are turning to other channels for their banking activities resulting in less branch footfall. I've noticed that this type of news mostly comes from Europe and the US. In Asia, branches are still relevant. A report by McKinsey & Company offers three reasons why branches are s...


Can Local Banks In Emerging Markets Compete With Global Banks?

16 Jul 2015

The Philippines is preparing for ASEAN integration. Integration will mean (eventually) ASEAN member banks can set up shop here and vice versa. It makes me wonder what best practices they will bring? Will they be a threat to local banks? Large foreign banks have been setting up shop in emerging markets for a number of years – in the Philippines the ...



Branch Banking for Emerging Markets

22 Jan 2015

Articles proliferate when banks decide to close branches. Commentators paint a picture of transformation - that the great monoliths of old are embracing the future by tearing up their old brick and mortar footprint and replacing them with branches on wheels (, or getting rid of teller counters and replacin...



Reimagining the Branch of Tomorrow

16 Jun 2014

Trawling through the mass of articles reporting the closure – or planned closure - of large numbers of bank branches worldwide, you would be forgiven for thinking the end of branch banking was nigh. It is true that digital banking is fundamentally reshaping the way that we transact. However, for much of the world, digital banking is still taking ...


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