Gerard Hergenroeder

Gerard Hergenroeder

Retired IBMer and Banking Executive at Payments Shark
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Bio Former Global Payments Executive at IBM responsible for solution sales Career History 1 Gerard is a seasoned professional in banking and payments 2 He started his career with Ford Motor Company then spent 20 years in banking 3 His last bank was acquired by the now Bank of America. 4 He helped Visa and MasterCard launch and grow their debit businesses 5 He also spent time as a c


Blockchain Observations


09 May 2018

Warren Buffet and his thoughts on Bitcoin -- "Speaking to CNBC anchor Becky Quick ahead of Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, the billionaire investor said bitcoin — the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency — is "probably rat poison squared." I agree with Warren. Bitcoin has no real mass market...


I predict Bitcoin will crash in 2018.

08 Dec 2017

Bitcoin is a fraud, nothing more than a ponzi scheme. I do feel sorry for those people buying at today's prices. I remember studying the tulip crash in the 1600's. I predict Bitcoin will crash in 2018. When it crashes you get nothing, not even a beautiful tulip. Here's a list of market crashes: Market Crashes: The Tulip and Bulb Craze (1630s) Mar...



The payments industry is in the throes of a perfect storm

06 Apr 2017

The payments industry is in the throes of a perfect storm – the traditional payments business is at risk from excessive rising costs and disruption which calls for radical payments transformation (Content for these thoughts are Gerard Hergenroeder’s solely, not his employer IBM) Below are a list of proof points that bankers and payments people shou...



The repeal of Dodd-Frank will create a flury of innovation in the U.S.

11 Nov 2016

Dodd-Frank legislation created a heavy compliance burden for financial insititutions. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on compliance and fines. Most banks' IT budgets today have a ton of compliance projects. Some banks are spending 35% to 50% of their IT budget on compliance alone. Aside from the IT spend for compliance the number o...