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Managing Director at Contis Group Ltd
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Bio As Managing Director, Mike has operating responsibility for the strategic growth of international end-to-end prepaid and debit solutions provider, Contis Group. Career History With nearly four decades of experience in the banking and consumer finance sectors, his previous executive roles include working with BarclayCard, HFC Bank, Experian, GE Money and TSYS. Mike has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise within the financial and money processing environment and



AmEx and the unbanked - look to the UK for best practice

13 Mar 2014

I applaud AmEx's recent initiative to use technology to help the plight of Amercia’s 70m underbanked citizens, but I do hope it knows that there’s no need to start from scratch. The work being done by e-money institutions in the UK, on the Visa platform in particular, to address the needs of the financially underserved is world beating. UK progra...


T-Mobile's 'Mobile Money' - where's the added value?

29 Jan 2014

Last week, T-Mobile announced that it was 'taking on the US banking market' with a mobile app and a prepaid card. The story stated that the company was targeting this service at the 68 million Americans that do not have traditional banking accounts, many of whom rely on expensive alternatives like payday lenders. The account boasts no minimum bala...



The Looming Crisis for UK Credit Unions

19 Jul 2013

In the wake of a recent Citizens Advice study* which revealed that that nine out of ten benefit recipients believe they will be unable to cope when Universal Credit is introduced, there is now an urgent need for both the Department of Work and Pensions and Credit Unions across the UK to consult with the e-money industry in order to gain a better u...


Shoring Up a House of Cards

17 Jun 2013

The production of a major brand’s gift card scheme can present numerous challenges for Retail Managers, but it doesn’t have to be this way... In my opinion, gift card managers for major UK brands don’t get the recognition that they deserve. Theirs is a tough role - not only do they need to synchronise the operations of numerous and varying supplier...

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