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Jan-Olof Brunila

Jan-Olof Brunila

Director-Group Card Services at Swedbank
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Bio In charge of the coordinated effort on payment cards in the Swedbank Group operating with payment card services in more than 10 countries Career History Insurance underwriter 1979 - 1982 Head of corporate casualty insurance 1982 - 1987 Head of SAS consumer credit services 1988 - 1992 Director Swedbank Acquiring company 1992 - 1997 Head of Swedbank payments development department 1998 - 2003 Director Group Card Services 2004 -



Card fraud datamine?

18 Dec 2009

Is this new service a mine of information for anybody that wants to access valid payment card numbers in order to use these for fraudulent on-line purchases? Or is the service PCI compliant thus making it impossible for anybody to access or use the underlying card number including the administrator of the service? If yes, card numbers can be stol...



Look at retailer owned banks elsewhere

29 Jul 2008

In Scandinavia a number of retailers have established banks and some have tried to become gereral purpose retail banks offering consumers all the neccessary basic banking services like deposits, salary payment accounts, unsecure loans, mortgages, bill payment services, debit and credit cards... but with slow uptake and usually loss leading busines...


Prepaid or deposits?

17 Dec 2007

If a bank like A & L offers on one hand deposit accounts and on the other hand prepaid accounts - where does the regulator draw the line between the two fundamentally different services? How does the bank know who holds the prepaid account it the card and account is handed over as a gift to somebody else than the original purscaser? Are the pr...


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