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Bio Bolero provides a SaaS solution and services to corporate and banking customers around Multi-Bank Trade Finance (MBTF), electronic Bills of Lading (eBL) and electronic Presentation (ePres). Career History Prior to Bolero I was COO at CreditCall, leading provider of PSP, EMV kernel and Mobile Payments solutions. Earlier, CEO at Level Four who were acquired by Clear2Pay in November 2011 and I led the subsequently formed Open Test Solutions business unit. Before that I was with Accurate Software and e



Europe making headway against card skimming

20 Apr 2011

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) reported last week that fraud is in overall decline at European ATMs – good news for the industry and testament to the investment that has been made in the migration to EMV to date. In the UK, there is also a growing consumer awareness of skimming and the need to protect your PIN at ATM and PoS terminals which...


You think the ATM channel is about to disappear?

09 Feb 2011

Those of us in the ATM space are quite often asked where we stand in an industry increasingly talking about ‘e-‘this or ‘m-‘that. It’s a shame that more such sceptics weren’t listening to Flora Hamilton’s presentation at Wincor World recently, where the European Head of ATMIA presented a perspective on the ATM of the future. So, anyone that thinks...


Charitable donations at ATMs - it's a nice idea in theory

12 Jan 2011

I’m all for making it easier for people to do their bit for charity, so in theory the government’s idea of enabling charitable donations to be made when withdrawing cash at an ATM is a good one. The idea comes as part of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ initiative and follows the lead of Colombia, which has a system of ATM giving that allows customer...



The EMV tipping point

08 Dec 2010

The latest figures from the Australian Payments Clearing Association hold no surprises for the seasoned EMV advocate. As we’ve seen with other EMV-compliant countries, such as the UK and Canada, the roll out of chip technology has significantly reduced the number of skimming attacks. While it is the reduction in card-present fraud that makes the...

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Fraudulent US ATM withdrawals on the rise - Javelin

  This research adds further weight to the argument that non-EMV compliant regions will become ever more vulnerable to fraud as criminals desert those parts of the world that have already implemented the EMV standard. With their neighbours migrating to EMV over the next couple of years, arguably the US could be shooting itself in the foot by avoiding the short term challenges that migration would incur. Currently, US banks are putting off migration due to a number of factors, not least the cost involved in upgrading POS terminals and ATMs such as new software platforms required to facilitate integration with EMV kernels and new EMV transaction message types. Moreover, banks will also need to consider the long term changes to ATM maintenance as they will need to implement extensive automated testing procedures to ensure ATM uptime is maintained following EMV migration. As a result, the US is deploying interim measures against skimming which are clearly meeting with limited success. The costs involved with EMV will be more than outweighed by the benefits. Experience from countries such as the UK and Saudi Arabia has shown that they must seriously consider migrating to Chip and PIN and getting rid of the magnetic stripe card if they are to make significant headway in the fight against card fraud. Clearly the time for action is now if US banks are to maintain customer trust, reduce the cost of fraud and avoid singling themselves out as an easy target for fraudsters.