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Jeremy Light

VP of EU Strategic Accounts at A Payments Fintech
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Bio My role is to help drive growth of a new payments network - transaction volume and participants, large and small, with a focus on banks, non-banks, and market infrastructures. Career History Payments Fintech from April 2018 Accenture until Feb 2018


Innovation in Financial Services

Opening Up the Walled Gardens of Domestic Payments

09 Apr 2019

Domestic Payment Interoperability – A Fading Prospect Cross-border interoperability of domestic real-time payments systems was a hot topic a few years ago, but seems to have gone off the boil – possibly due to the reality of bedding in new real-time payments systems and the challenges of domestic adoption – from the USA, to Europe, to Asia to Aust...

Disruption in Retail Banking

The Battleground for the Consumer Experience - Opened up by Open Banking

26 Mar 2018

On 25 March 2018, a Quantas 787-9 Dreamliner touched down at Heathrow airport to inaugurate a new non-stop service between Australia and London. It cut a full three hours off the normal 20 hour journey. In the commoditised world of air travel, that is a game-changer. Differentiating from the competition has been a challenge for the airline industry...

Innovation in Financial Services

Bitcoin at 50,000 USD?

19 Mar 2018

Bitcoin’s price averaged $272 in 2015, $567 in 2016 and $4,001 in 2017. It peaked at just below $20,0000 in mid-December 2017. So far in 2018, as of mid-March, the average is just over $11,000. Bitcoin’s price has risen exponentially, as has interest in it from regulators, speculators, developers, innovators, economists, journalists, bloggers and ...

Innovation in Financial Services

Powering Up a Crypto-Cash Society with Central Bank Money

12 Mar 2018

Money without Innovation Fiat money takes three forms - electronic deposits at commercial banks, banknotes (and coins) and central bank (CB) reserves. None of these are great starting points for innovation. Electronic payments (cards, direct debits, credit transfers etc), exchanges of deposits between and within commercial banks, are increasingly d...


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Swift to test real-time cross border payments in Europe

  I am curious how banks can use TIPS for global cross-border payments unless they break their SCT adherence agreements with the EPC. TIPS uses the SCT Inst scheme, and SCT/SCT Inst rules only allow payments which originate from a payment account in the EU. There was a request last year to the EPC to allow payments originating outside the EU to be forwarded as SCTs within the EU, but this was rejected in their change request consultation. Typically, a payment sent to a EU beneficiary from outside the EU is sent to a correspondent bank in the EU which then routes it to its final destination through Target2 or perhaps through a bilateral with the beneficiary bank if ones exists. The Target2 RTGS is expensive compared to TIPS and other clearers of SCT Inst (e.g. EBA's RT1) and is not 24/7 or guaranteed real-time. However, the big issue is that banks typically do not screen intra-EU ("domestic") SCT payments - if the beneficiary bank is unaware a SCT Inst/SCT originated outside the EU, the payment will not be screened as it should be as an international payment creating a financial crime risk. It requires a rule in the SCT Inst/SCT scheme to identify a SCT as originating outside the EU and mandating the originator data that needs to be included at the right detail in the SCT for beneficiary banks to screen. Beneficiary banks would also need to modify their processing to screen SCT Inst/SCTs that originate outside the EU. One for the EPC to reconsider?