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Bio A consumer credit/risk and payment cards professional with interest in next generation technologies and growth strategies. Career History Have managed to survive for more than 20 years of hands on credit/risk/cards/consumer lending. Been based in India and various countries in the Middle East. Worked (and still work!) for venerable global institutions in Credit/Risk roles.



How to put a 7 Billion dollars stimulus to good use!

17 Jul 2012

The US Retailers won a major victory with the class action settlement of $ 7.2 Billion against Visa, MasterCard and seven other card issuers. While this victory may sound like a bonanza for retailers and perhaps get them salivating on the amount of cash they are like to see soon, it may be worth their introspecting on how the money can be put to go...

Finance 2.0

Too big to Retail....

06 Nov 2011

The BIS released came out with a list of 'systemically important' banks. So, we now officially acknowledge that whatever happens, even if some countries go down, these banks cannot afford to fail. It reallymeans that whatever these banks do, we have to accept with grace and humility. It doesn't help that many of ...



The giant US Banking Regulatory 'sink-hole'

24 Jul 2011

Was it just a coincidence or some kind of a 'karmic connection'? A giant 200 feet sinkhole appeared in Guatemala City last month. A few days later the Regulation II of the Dodd-Frank Amendment, slashing debit interchange fee by half, came into existence. The debit interchange 'blow out' starts from Oct 1, 2011 for banks with more than $ 10 B in as...

Innovation in Financial Services

Fastest and most responsive to disasters- Scammers!

23 Mar 2011

I do salute the stoic resilence of the Japanese people in the face of disaster. But I think the award for the most responsive and 'quick to market' mob goes to the internet scamsters! Within an hour of the news of the disaster in Japan, invitations to make donations for tsunami relief came into my inbox. In fact, so creative and impressive are thes...