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Anthony Walton

Anthony Walton

CEO at Iliad Solutions
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Bio Identifying ways to improve the testing of our clients mission critical systems. Career History Stratus - Founder of DNA the Authors of ASx and ASSET acquired by ACI. Founder and CEO of Iliad Solutions.


Open Banking

Latest Research On APIs and How Banks Can Thrive In An API Economy

20 Jun 2019

In May, Accenture released a new piece of analysis entitled ‘How Banks Can Thrive In An API Economy.’ The industry press has been awash with company announcements and predictions of greatness for those successfully launching an Open Banking proposition. Increasingly, we start to see more scepticism and articles describing why Open Banking is never...

Open Banking

Effective Implementation of PSD2 and Open Banking Propositions

03 Apr 2019

The target for Open Banking access has fallen way short of legislators’ expectations, with over 40% of European banks still unable to provide adequate infrastructure and access. There is no doubt that the issue of PSD2 continues to play a major part in the European Payments landscape. The European Central Bank makes a significant demand on all fin...


Open Banking

APIs: Realising benefits beyond the hype

14 Mar 2019

I recently attended the QAFF event in London, and it was clear to see the increasing relevance that APIs play as part of the global march towards improved access. 2018 was dominated by headlines proclaiming the Open Banking revolution that’s just around the corner. However, although the commercial and consumer benefits it promises are taking a whi...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Launching products is becoming more painful for banks

05 Nov 2018

All banks find launching new products and making changes to their operating systems to be a painful process. As new technology is layered onto the old, the process of testing and launching is only going to get more difficult. Making mistakes is costing the banking industry millions and destroying brand reputation. On 27th July 2018 TSB published i...


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