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UK Finance recommends 18-month delay for new authentication rules

  Common sense is eventually being applied here, albeit very late in the day. SCA is very complex, its implementation across so many stakeholders needs to be viewed as not dissmaliar to the historic national implementation of chip and PIN across Europe. The specifications, guidance and clarification of implementation requirements have been slow in delivery and refinement. It requires the partipcaption, engagement of and communication to all stakeholders. Further to earlier comments and observations, the UK is definitely not alone in flagging these SCA related concerns, all European markets are having similar discussions on "are we really going to be ready by 14/09/19, when will we realistically be ready, what needs to happen, what needs to be communicated and to whom". The real implications of poor understanding, not being ready and the threat of penalties for non-compliance would have significant negative imapct on merchants and consumers as the end users  - not just issuers and acquirers. It has taken strong industry pressure to get UK Finance and FCA to recognise that we collectively are not ready but must have a realistic plan on readiness and compliance with EBA requirements. A suggested delay of 18 months to compliance enforcement will enable stakeholders more time to implement. However, ongoing monitoring and pressure will be critical to ensure parties do not leave everything to the last minute. There will be no more delays. The proposed delay in enforcement after 14/09/19 must be used to ensure that we continue to focus on reducing fraud, educating merchants and consumers and getting the implementation right to minimise adverse impact for merchants and consumers.