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Ward Hagenaar

Ward Hagenaar

Head of Consulting - Co-Founder at PaymentGenes
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Bio I am heading the Consulting business line at PaymentGenes. We focus on strategy consulting, merchant services, mobility, market research and entry services, license applications with the financial regulator and card schemes. Our team is focused on topics like Mobility as a Service and enabling open loop payment solutions for the fuel and EV segments in mobility. Payments data analytics and conversion optimization, cost reduction and PSP vendor selection for merchants. Cards issuing leveraging the fast track programs of the schemes and our partner Enfuce (solution). Acquiring solutions and program management. PSD2 research, white label BNPL solutions for merchants and banks, Reconciliation as a Services (solution). PaymentGenes is an internationally recognized consulting & recruitment service partner to the Fintech and payments industry. We help ambitious companies grow with the right payments expertise and professionals. Career History coFounder PaymentGenes Consulting Past: coFounder & Business consultant at Payments Insiders Past: coFounder & Business consultant at Connective Payments. Past: Partner Cards and Payments at Qhuba. Past: New Business Manager Ximedes Past: Sr. Productmanager Business Development Manager, Equens Worldline Past: Productmanager at Mastercard


Innovation in Financial Services

Innovation in the checkout process of physical retail stores has been slow, or not?

20 Sep 2019

Building on the huge success of contactless payments we gradually experience next steps in development of the checkout process. The battle to convert cash into electronic payments enters the final stage. In 2018, only 37% of payments in the Netherlands have been paid with cash at checkout*. Contactless payments accounted for over half of electroni...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Will a PSD2 based initiative from the airline sector drive sales and reduce costs?

07 May 2018

This remains to be seen. IATA and Deutsche Bank launch a PSD2 based initiative focussed on potential cost reduction with card payments in the airline industry. Certainly an interesting move by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Deutsche Bank. It could increase pressure on the payments industry regarding costs, innovation and will l...

Innovation in Financial Services

Are logistics the logical value added services that Wallets need?

20 Oct 2015

The expected takeoff of Wallets has been a hot topic for years in our industry. In the classical retail environment NFC enabled Mobile Wallets will finally deliver on its promise of speed and convenience. In remote commerce we have seen many attempts, high investments and some success stories related to marketplaces like PayPal and AliPay. The ...

Innovation in Financial Services

The True Value of Mobile Transactions

05 Nov 2012

It is easy to think that attractiveness of mobile transactions is in the embracement of near field communication (NFC). Banks, telco’s, manufacturers, the Forresters, Javelins and Gartners have put in on the agenda since 2006 and promised the infrastructure would be there in the next year, or the year after, or... Smartphones equipped with NFC cou...

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