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Latest thinking in respect to Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation. Harnessing our collective wisdom to make banking better. Ambrish Parmar

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Banks need new revenue models

The traditional banking business model is no longer sustainable. Just as the ‘GAFA’ technology firms (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) have set the standard for the sharing economy, so too banks need ...

17 Jul 2018
Mark Jackson

How traditional players can close the gap on challenger banks

Earlier this year, Starling Bank and Monzo became the top two banks in terms of customer satisfaction in the UK, knocking incumbent First Direct from the number one spot[1]. Interestingly, this news c...

16 Jul 2018
Greg Taylor

Why run before you can walk? Digital data assets for SME lending

Designing and implementing a digital strategy for SME lending and deciding what data assets to utilise in doing so is truly staggering. The availability and accuracy of enhanced data assets has come ...

13 Jul 2018
Retired Member

The Bank of One: Taking personalisation to the ultimate level

The theory of the ‘Bank of One’ is well-rehearsed. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are demanding banking services tailored to their particular requirements. They see financial services as an enabler for ...

11 Jul 2018
Retired Member

Apitalism: Banks' API Monetization and Open Banking Ecosystems

We have been living in a very busy banking landscape especially for the past couple of years, new technologies and trends come and go in speed light. However, the core principle of banking has been al...

07 Jul 2018
Retired Member

How The Banking Would Be In The Future?

There are a lot of things happening in the banking sector and it is hard to predict what the future of banking would be. There's no one who can predict what the future of online banking, lending, fees...

03 Jul 2018
Breana Patel

Biometric Technology Will Help Eradicate Fraud In Banking

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. S. Isaac Daniel, scientist, entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer, the pioneer and visionary force behind the Elite Influential Club (EIC), Isaac Dan...

26 Jun 2018
Ambrish Parmar

Banking 2025 - Digital or Red Telephone Box?

Time to read: 5 minutes for a different prespective It is 2025, the mainstream proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’), Internet of Things (‘IoT’), Robotics and Virtual Reality (‘VR’) is compl...

20 Jun 2018
Ambrish Parmar

Keeping Up vs. Keeping Ahead: Banking Strategy

Time to read: 5 minutes to gain a different prespective A decade after the financial crisis the banking landscape has altered dramatically. There are now signs of real recovery following a period of i...

20 Jun 2018
Ambrish Parmar

Machine learning - Ethics Rights and Conduct

Time to read: 5 minutes The rise of the algorithm | governed by the algorithm Last week the UK Regulators’ (FSA and PRA) jointly issued a significant individual penalty and organisational special requ...

20 Jun 2018
Ambrish Parmar

Banking Strategy and FinTech

Time to read: 5 minutes The strategic quote … A strategic inflection point is that moment when some combination of technological innovation, market evolution, and customer perception requires the comp...

19 Jun 2018

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