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Why Your Payment Security Strategy Should Include KYC and SCA Compliance

More than ever, it's crucial to keep your customers safe from threats and ensure they have a smooth payment experience. This is where Know-your-customer (KYC) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ...

20 Apr 2023
Vasile Valcov

Choosing the open banking strategy that fits a bank’s needs is now easier

As technology evolves and is more present in our lives, consumers are beginning to ask why banking services cannot be as intuitive as managing their music playlists. Higher consumer expectations combi...

20 Apr 2023
Diederick Van Thiel

War of the Titans: Tech Banks Lock Horns in the Battle for Customers through Open Banking

Unlocking the Future of Finance: The Bold New World of Open Finance We are moving towards an open finance world in which customers decide who they share their data with. Open finance refers to a trans...

19 Apr 2023
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The Latest Technologies for Banks to Detect and Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Digital Payment Adoption Heightens Fraud Risks The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the shift towards electronic payments, which is unlikely to reverse anytime soon, if ever. Credit cards were the most v...

13 Apr 2023
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Get Ready for the Launch: A Fintech Guide to the FedNow Payment Service

In response to the demand for faster and more convenient payment options, the Federal Reserve has launched a plan to modernize the US payment system, including the implementation of real-time payments...

06 Apr 2023
Prasoon Mukherjee


If you are a student of finance studying ALM, the last few weeks must have been quite a perfect academic period to witness the SVB debacle unfold, as you mapped this use case to some of the written do...

05 Apr 2023
Retired Member

Credit Risk Monitoring: Building Next Generation Early Warning Systems

When it comes to credit risk monitoring, many banks find themselves falling behind the regulatory expectations. Regulators are expecting banks to take a more proactive approach, using forward-looking ...

05 Apr 2023
Diederick Van Thiel

Urgently Resetting Banks' Growth Strategy in the Current Climate

The current banking climate is facing a lot of changes and challenges that banks need to address urgently. Credit Suisse was recently acquired by UBS for $2 billion, while Silicon Valley Bank was spli...

05 Apr 2023
Pavel Melnichenko

FIDO2 for financial sector: Pros AND Cons

How simple is it in reality? FIDO2 is a remarkable project that has been driven by IT industry giants all over the world for several years now. Describing what exactly the project is in a concise mann...

03 Apr 2023
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Bricking it - the truth about Consumer Duty and wealth management

In the middle of the great financial crisis I remember listening to Bill Mott, one of the leading fund managers at the time, discussing the challenging task central banks had ahead of them. He called ...

30 Mar 2023
Eric Mellor

5 Key Trends Driving Wealth Management in 2023

2022 was an important year for the global wealth management sector. The global pandemic saw wealth managers scramble to digitize service offerings and enable both remote servicing and distribution. Po...

29 Mar 2023
Retired Member

Implementing APIs to Drive Fintech Growth: The Rise of Banking-as-a-Service

Banking as a service (BaaS) is revolutionizing the way traditional banks and fintech companies collaborate to provide banking services to consumers. BaaS allows fintech companies to offer their custo...

22 Mar 2023

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