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Bo Harald

Reposting Open Letter to the EU-Commission - as not sure that the organisation ID is understood

In these dark days of brutal military aggression, it is important to find time to also look forward and discover new ways to make Europe more competitive and secure. The next phase of digitalizatio...

29 Dec 2022
Bo Harald

My e-Journey - over 40 years. Part 2. All banking.

So once we in the early 80s saw how customers - with delight - started to use e-banking for bill payments and balance checking, we started to ponder what other services could be built on the economy o...

28 Dec 2022
Bo Harald

My e-Journey - over 40 years. Part 1. e-banking started with payments.

Why should I jot down some notes from my digitalisation and leadership journey? Because I think that this experience from innovation ladders (one thing leads to another - and eventually to a new leve

27 Dec 2022
Sergei Romanov

CBDCs for Cross-Border Money Transfers: Threat Or Opportunity?

CBDCs for Cross-Border Money Transfers: Threat Or Opportunity? Twelve years ago, the first real-world cryptocurrency transaction took place; this event is now celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza day. Since th...

27 Dec 2022
Anoop Gala

How Frictionless Payment Platforms Are Driving Strong Holiday Sales

The National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasts that 2022 holiday retail sales will grow between 6% and 8% over last year, and could reach $960 billion. According to Adobe, U.S. shoppers spent $35.27 ...

20 Dec 2022
Maria Schuld

Proving sustainability, show me the metrics

Getting to common ground According to the Oxford dictionary, sustainability is: The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. This definition often ta...

19 Dec 2022
Chiara Gelmini

The 5 Non-Negotiable Tech Ingredients to Successful Customer Risk Management

As we observe the global financial pressures, rapid changes in geo-political situation, ESG, and the Web 3.0 (with NFTs, DeFi, AI, the Metaverse, crypto and open blockchain) continue to morph and evol...

19 Dec 2022
Retired Member

Beyond Consumer Duty: How customer experience excellence will separate leaders from laggards

The new Consumer Duty regulation from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has instigated a period of great change within the financial sector, requiring financial services institutions (FSIs) ...

13 Dec 2022
Steve Bradford

Cybersecurity and financial services: tackling identity challenges for better online protection

As an industry, financial services are significantly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The Bank of England recently surveyed executives in the UK financial sector, finding that a staggering three-quarters ...

09 Dec 2022
Gian Mahil

Is Request To Pay the next big thing?

Having looked at Pay-By-Bank in my previous post I thought it would be useful to look at another new payment innovation Request to Pay. This promises to be revolutionary new way of paying bills over t...

01 Dec 2022
Sandeep Nambiar

e-Invoicing Fuelling a Growing Trade Finance Opportunity in SME Digital Banking

The rising adoption of e-invoicing globally is coinciding with a decline in the use of traditional trade finance instruments. And a growing dependence on supply chain finance solutions fuelled by digi...

29 Nov 2022
Senthil C

AI powers proactive hyper-personalized experience for retail banking customers

A recent satisfaction study by J.D. Power for U.S. retail banks found that banks have struggled to deliver on customer expectations for personalization and almost half of the customers have moved to ...

28 Nov 2022

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